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In the early stages, the Nazis used concentration camps mainly as savage punishment camps for Communists, Social Democrats, liberals and various other opponents. Jews were not sent there till 1938 for simply being Jewish. It is also important to distinguish between concentration camps and extermination camps. The extermination camps followed from late 1941 onwards were intended solely for the purpose of genocide. It should also be noted that by about 1939 the SS (which ran the camps) had become a major business and was making large sums of money by hiring out slave labour.

The extermination camps were specially designed, and constructed camps where millions of Jews and non Jews were sent to their deaths. The Nazis spent a great deal of time and energy in designing both the camps and the gas chambers in them; they wanted maximum 'efficiency' and the memoirs of Nazis who survived, graphically detail how much careful thought and preparation went into the construction of those camps. All who were deemed 'inferior' were packed onto trains and then taken to the camps; Jews, gays, gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, people with disabilities and others. The camp inmates were starved, gassed, tortured and burned to death. Many were buried alive in mass graves.

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Q: What was a Nazi concentration camp?
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Where were the first Nazi Concentration Camp established?

The first Nazi Concentration Camp was Dachau Concentration Camp. Since it's called Dachau, it's in Dachau,Germany.

What was the name of the first Nazi Concentration Camp in Germany?

Dachau Concentration Camp.

Who stopped the concentration camps?

They aren't the same because the Nazi Concentration Camp is a specific Concentration Camp. Concentration Camp could be any kind of concentration camp

Was Auschwitz an Concentration camp?

Yes, Auschwitz was an concentration camp located in Nazi-Occupied Poland

What type of camp was Auschwitz?

Auschwitz was a Nazi extermination camp. Combined concentration camp and extermination camp. (It began as a very harsh concentration camp).

Was dachau an extermination camp?

No it wasn't. Dachau was a nazi concentration camp

Where was the first concentration camp constructed?

the first permanent Nazi concentration camp was built near Munich.

What happened at the first Concentration camp in the holocaust?

Political Prisoners were putted in Dachau concentration camp. The first Nazi camp built.

What is the definition of Auschwitz?

A Nazi Germany concentration camp

Was Stutthof the first concentration camp built by Nazi regime?

No, Stutthof was the first concentration camp built outside Germany. (The first camp was Dachau).

What was the first concentration camp to be liberated in Germany?

The first Concentration in Nazi Germany to be Liberated by the allies was Ohrdruf Concentration Camp on April 4th 1945.

What was a nazi camp commandant?

A commandant is the officer in command of either a prisoner of war camp OR a concentration camp.

What was a commandant in nazi Germany?

A commandant was the head of a prisoner of war camp or a concentration camp.

What was the largest Nazi concentration camp for Jews?

Auschwitz, I think.

What was stutthof?

Stutthof was a Nazi concentration camp near Danzig.

When did the Germans open the first concentration camp?

The first permanent Nazi concentration camp opened on 22 March 1933 at Dachau.

Where was Buchenwald concentration camp located?

Buchenwald concentration camp is located in Thuringia Germany. It has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. Buchenwald translates to Beech Forest, this camp used to be a German Nazi Concentration Camp.

How were women treated in a Nazi concentration camp?

The women were treated as badly as the men in concentration camps.

Where was the first concentration camp established?

The firs permanent Nazi concentration camp was opened at Dachau (near Munich) on 22 March 1933.

What Nazi concentration camp did Anne Frank die?


Was the site of the puyallup fair ever a nazi concentration camp?


Could a nazi get out of the nazi party?

Yes but he/she cant without getting beatened and sent to an Concentration Camp.

What was the plaszow forced labor camp?

This was a Nazi concentration camp in Poland; and was epitomised in the film 'Schindlers' List'.

What was the first concentration camp found?

dachau___Dachau was the first Nazi concentration camp to be founded (March 1933), the first major concentration camp to be found (and liberated) by an Allied army was Majdanek (July 1944).

Why was the first concentration camp created?

If you mean the first Nazi concentration camp, please see the related question. However, if you mean the very first concentration camp ever, anywhere in the world, the answer is: to combat guerrillas.