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What was fought over in the Civil War?

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Technically, the southern states wanted the right it was the right to secede (withdraw) from the Union (United States) since the rest of the nation had started imposing laws that many Southerners felt were states rights and issues. When slavery was abolished, many Southerners did not believe that their plantations could continue to function, so they decided that they did not need to belong to the United States, and declared to be separate. While the issue was slavery, it was actually about more than that. It was about the rights of the states to make their own laws and the right of the Federal Government to enforce laws imposed upon the states. The North states were also selling cotton-goods to Southern states at outrageous costs, this angered the South since all cotton originated from Southern states.

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What was the Civil War fought over?

The Civil war was fought over if the Confederate states would go back to join the union.

What was the spanish civil war fought over?

There are various things that the Spanish Civil War was fought over. For example, the government was considered by many to be corrupt.

How can Civil War go in a sentence?

civil war can go in a sentence in many ways - I have some money from the civil war - my friend's great great grandfather fought in the civil war - the civil war was fought over rights for African Americans

What was the climate of the war during the Civil War?

The civil war was fought in over 10,000 places the climate was just about everything, from snowing, to plains, and even desert. So there was no one climate the civil war was fought in.

Who fought who in the American Civil War?

In the American civil war the Rebels (11 southern states) fought the North over issues of slavery and state rights

Was the Vietnam war originally fought over rice?

Well...the Confederacy during the US Civil War indirectly fought a war over raising cotton & tobacco.

What war was fought over issues of state's rights and slavery?

American Civil War.

Was the civil war fought over slavery?

Yes, that was the main reason.

Who fought is the Civil War?

The Union=North and The Confederate=South, fought in the Civil War

Who fought who in America's Civil War?

The Civil war was was fought between the Northern and Southern states. It was fought mainly over slavery and the fact that Southern (agricultural) states were being neglected by Northern (industrial) states.

Who was it fought over in the Civil War?

north and south often called the war between the states

How many soildeirs fought for the confederacy in the civil war?

About 250,000 Confederates fought in the Civil War

Was the Civil War fought in 1910?

the civil war in the USA was fought between 1861-1865

Who fought in the Civil War with china?

Larry Scott Nelson fought in the civil war with China.

How long was the Civil War fought for?

The United States Civil war was fought from 1861 to 1865. Although, the war officially ended in four years, there was still fighting and segregation all over the country.

What years was the Civil War fought?

The Civil was fought in 1861-1865.

What were the issues being fought over during Civil war?

secession and slavey

Was the Civil War fought over states' rights or slavery?


What areas were fought over during the Civil War?

The majority of the large scale Civil War battles where fought in Northern Virginia, between Washington DC and Richmond (The Capitol of the South).

What war fought of the end of slavery?

civil war. civil war.

When was the Civil War fought?

The American Civil War was fought in 1861-1865. The Civil War was fought between April 12, 1861 until May 10, 1865. This was a war fought between the Northern and Southern states in the U.S.

Can a state legally leave the union?

We fought a major war over that question. The Civil War was fought over the issue of states' rights, including their ability to leave the union.

How do you define a Civil War?

The first "civil war" was in England and was fought for control of the country. The U.S. Civil War was fought between the majority of the nation and a breakaway region. Today, "civil war" means a war fought mainly within one country, whether the reason for fighting is to take over the whole country or to break away a part as a new country.

During what years was the Civil War fought?

The United States civil war was fought from 1861-1865

Was most of the civil war fought on confederate soil?

The majority of the civil war was fought on confederate soil

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