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Dickens's writing career begins about the time Queen Victoria takes the throne. It's said that, between them, Victoria and Dickens were the Victoria Age and it's hard to say whether his books reflected or created the general atmosphere of the time. His career also coincided with the later years of the Industrial Revolution sweeping over England. The Revolution raised the standard of living for many by employing workers in factories. More products could be manufactured in the same amount of time, thus almost eliminating much of the cottage industry. Before the revolution began in the 1700s, goods were produced by hand in mostly rural areas and the introduction of machines threatened and angered many people. Riots, sabatoge, looting, even murder followed. England was also expanding its rule in India and solidifying the roots of the family tree with heirs in Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Spain. Lord Welbourn was Victoria's prime minister during her first years on the throne (1835-1841) and helped and supported her through that time.

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When did Charles Dickens write the novel 'Great Expectations'?

Great Expectations was written by Charles Dickens in 1861 when he was 49 years old.

What are books written by Charles Dickens?

"Great Expectations" is one.

When was Great Expectations wrote?

time and place written · London, 1860-1861

The historical and social context of Great Expectations?

It was written in 1860-1861, if that helps.

Answer for conditions prevailing when the story Great Expectations was written by Charles dickens?


How many pages is Great Expectations?

Great Expectations was written by Charles Dickens. There are many editions. The CreateSpace version is 284 pages. The Simon and Brown hardcover is 604 pages.

When was Great Expectations created?

Great Expectations was created in 1861.

Was Great Expectations by Charles Dickens a book before it was a movie?

Great Expectations is a book that was written in 1861 by the famous author Charles Dickens. A movie was later released based on the novel Great Expectations but as with most stories it was indeed a book before it became a movie.

Who wrote the book Harry Potter and Great Expectation?

The Harry Potter books were written by J.K. Rowling. Great Expectations was written by Charles Dickens.

Who wrote the novel Great Expectations?

Charles Dickens is the author of Great Expectations

When was Great Expectations published?

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens was published in 1861.

Which Charles wrote Great Expectations?

Charles Dickens wrote Great Expectations.

Who is the author of Great Expectations?

Charles Dickens is the author of Great Expectations.

When did Charles Dickens wtie Great Expectations by Charles Dickens?

Great Expectations was written in weekly increments from December 1, 1860 to August 3, 1861 in the All Year Roundliterary magazine.

What is a palindrome for hero of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens?

Pip is a character in Great Expectations.

Who was One of pip's antagonists in Great Expectations?

Compeyson is the main antagonist in Great Expectations.

What is the point of view in Great Expectations?

the point of view in great expectations is first person

Who was Pip's love in Great Expectations?

Estella Havisham was Pip's love in the Great Expectations.

What is the castle in Great Expectations?

Mr. Wemmicks house is reffered to as the castle in Great Expectations.

What has the author Andrew Benito written?

Andrew Benito has written: 'Hard Times or Great Expectations?' ''Oscillate Wildly'' 'Financial pressure and balance sheet adjustment by UK firms' 'Hard Times or Great Expectations?: Dividend omissions and dividend cuts by UK firms'

What are the expectations in the novel 'Great Expectations'?

The expectations in the novel Great Expectations is the money received by Pip that was earned by hard labor. Pip's unknown benefactor is Able Magwitch.

When was Estella - Great Expectations - created?

Estella - Great Expectations - was created in 1861.

When was Great Expectations written?

Great Expectations was published in weekly increments in the All Year Round literary magazine, owned by Dickens himself. Sections began release from December 1, 1860 toAugust 3, 1861.

What has the author John Quiggin written?

John Quiggin has written: 'Great Expectations' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Microeconomics, Economic conditions

Why is Dicken's story titled Great Expectations?

The word "expectations" was not used in the modern meaning--that is, a hoping for something. It was used in Dickens' time to mean an inheritance. So the title Great Expectations refers to Pip's windfall inheritance--his great expectations.