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What was life like in the medieval times for a clergy?

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A parson is a member of the clergy, like a Protestant minister

The two parts were secular clergy, who lived like any of us, and interacted with people on a regular basis. And the Regular Clergy, who was made up of monks and nuns! === ===

There were no dinosaurs in medieval times.

It was a life of making crossbows for the knights to use in battle.

"the life of a merchant in Medieval Europe"

what was daily life like for a prince in the medieval ages

Not very good Medieval life even for the king was not all about the pomp & grandeur, if you were a king you had the constant struggle of maintaining power over the lords middle class.

medieval life is different cause now we have a electricity and they dont apithan

Life in the medieval times sucked. 98% of the population was peasants and for them life was hard, dirty and short

In medieval times there weren't soldiers they were called knights. I guess they are kinda like soldiers though.

Life was terrible, there was no hygiene, butaly killing people, there was disease everywhere, no water, everything went to the king, extreme poverty

Just like people in othe times and places, medieval lords were happy and some times and unhappy at others.

Defence in the medieval times was moats, walls, rocks, ditches, forts (like a castle) and guards.

Life for a medieval lord was great! He collected taxes from peasants, and was fed like A king! But it was a hard job and he always had to check on peasants.

chiellings or some thing like that

Thieves in medieval times were more or less the same as thieves now. They stole whatever they could pawn, use, or eat.

signs and symbols describing places in midevil times

Day to day life varied according to who you were. Most people were serfs or peasant farmers. There is a link below to a related question on the life of a serf. Other people were clergy, knights, ladies, members of the nobility, merchants, craftsmen, royalty, and so on. There are links below to questions on some of these.

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