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Q: What was martin Luther's belief about baptism?
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What is Martin Luthers religion called?

Lutherans are Martin Luthers religion.

What is the name of Martin luthers children?

Luther and martin

What are Martin Luther kings achivments?

what are Martin Luthers achievements

Martin luthers nickname?

the bold and the smart

What was martin luthers legacy?

he talked to potatoes

What were Martin Luthers followers called?


What was in martin luthers king life?


Who was Martin Luthers arch enemy?

my nan

What was martin luthers crimes against the church?


What was Martin Luthers speech about?

Equality for all people.

What was Martin Luthers favorite type of transportation?


What is martin luthers greatest achievement?

his 95 thesis

Is martin Luthers mom dead?

I dont so

Why were Martin Luthers followers called Lutheran?

because they followed martin Luther

What was Martin Luthers kids names?

Martin Luthers kids names are unknown.

What was Martin Luthers kings famliy like?

what was martin luther king famliy life

Martin Luthers favorite sport?

martin liked football , baseball, wrestling,and running

What was martin luthers fathers job?

he worked at being a preacher

What are Martin Luthers major accomplishments?

Fighting for human rights

What do you think about Martin Luther King speech?

martin luthers kings speach was to the world the workrddnd

Where is Martin Luthers remains?

Martin Luther is buried before the pulpit of the Schlosskirche of Wittenberg, Germany.

What was Martin Luthers King mom name?

Alberta Williams King.

What were martin luthers followers called and why?

they were called protestants because they protested

How did martin luthers speech affect the civil rights movement?


What did martin luthers father do for a job?

He was a copper miner all his life.