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Free black men could be carpenters, coopers, barbers, and blacksmiths. Work opportunities for free black women were even more limited.

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What was the religion for the African Americans in the 1300s?

There were no African Americans prior to about 1550.

How were free African Americans really not free?

In many cases, free African Americans were not wholly free. At some points prior to the Civil War, former slaves that had escaped could be recaptured, and after the Civil War, free slaves were limited in their career options, the locations of their homes, and even in where they could shop.

Why did the African-Americans migrate to Canada?

In the 19th century, African-Americans migrated to Canada prior to (and during) the American Civil War due to Canada being a safe haven for freed slaves. African-Americans have migrated to Canada and other parts of the world since then in search of opportunity or to escape from trying circumstances.

How were African slaves prior to the US Civil War?

The African slaves were totally disenfranchised before the Civil War. They had no rights. They were basically treated like animals, and died by the masses.

What was the general opinion of African Americans prior to the Civil War?

Although there were thousands of documented cases to the contrary (mainly in the northern states and among a few hundred Southern Abolitionists), they were thought as property.

How were minorities represented in conflicts prior to the Korean war?

Prior to the Korean War (1950-53) the US military (Army, Navy, and Marines) always separated African-Americans (Blacks) from the rest of the US military. African-Americans were led by white officers until after 1900. All other races (other than African-Americans) were organized within regular white units.

What was obamas occupations before he became a president?

He was the U.S. senator from Illinois; before that, he was an Illinois State Senator. Prior to entering politics in 1996, he was a civil rights attorney and a law professor. And prior to that, he was a community organizer and an advocate for the poor in Chicago.

Did African Americans fight during World War 2?

There were close to 1 million African American soldiers that fought with the allied troops during World War II. Prior to 1941 African Americans were deemed unfit for war and were not allowed to fight on the front lines.

Did the new deal by President Roosevelt help African American and Native American women?

African Americans: As As many African Americans were unemployed prior to the depression, the many aid and civilian work programs, such as FERA and the CCC, helped more Americans obtain jobs. These jobs created an income that could be put back into the economy.

How did the influx of African Americans change northern cities?

Northern cities in general had not welcomed the massive influx of African Americans. Tensions had escalated in the years prior to 1920, culminating, in the summer of 1919, in approximately 25 urban race riots.

How did most Americans live prior to the American Civil War?

Increasingly comfortably, and proud of being the most modern people on earth.

What did the book Roots by Alex Haley have to do with civil rights?

Roots Connection with Civil RightsIt had to do with emancipation and freedom, setting the stage for future civil rights to be had for all. Prior to Roots, many Americans, both black and white, incorrectly assumed that the original African slaves were "naked savages" without any culture of their own. Roots presented the rich cultural and social heritage of African Americans, and inspired a new-found pride that supported the growing civil rights movement. The answer above is wrong.By the time Haley's fiction book was published, all of the race discrimination civil rights laws now in effect had already been passed.The book changed nothing about race relations or civil rights.

What was the major crop of the south prior to the civil war?

the major crop prior to the civil war was cotton

Who were the African American pt boat commanders in the pacific theater?

None. The US Military was segregated during WWII. Korea was the first US war in which African Americans were integrated. Prior to Korea, African Americans served in "all black units." The US Navy was more stringent (stricter) than the US Army was during WWII; relegating African Americans to servants, laborers, and general support functions.

Were African Americans colonized or immigrated to the US?

Neither, they were "imported". Colonization would imply that they were natives to the US prior to European arrival and immigration would imply that they freely chose to come the US. African-Americans are the descendants of African slaves who were captured and transported against their will from Africa to the Americas where they were bought by local wealthy individuals.

What was the major crop of the southern colonies prior to the civil war?

major crop of the southern colonies prior to the civil war

Who was the leading black spokesman for the emancipation of slaves prior to the civil war?

Who was the most Famous spokesman for Blacks prior to the Civil War?

Why did America need the civil rights movement?

The civil rights movement was needed to overcome persistent and institutionalized racism in America. For example, prior to 1965 it was quite common in the southern states that some restaurants refused to serve African-Americans, and allowed only white customers. There was widespread discrimination in all areas of life; voting, employment, housing, education, etc. That had to stop.

Prior to the civil war the tenth amendment was used to support which type of fedralism?

Prior to the Civil War, the Tenth Amendment was used to support

When did Louisiana begin to use slaves?

African's from the West African nation of Senegambia were sold into slavery around 1770 to 1780. Prior to that time Native Americans were the majority in the state.

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