What was the Capital of the Holy Roman Empire?

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There was no fixed capital, only residences of the German kings and emperors like Magdeburg (under the Ottonians), Speyer (Salians), Prague (Luxemburg), Vienna (Habsburg); and some important cities like Aachen (where the king was crowned), or Regensburg (where the Reichstag was) or Nuremberg (where the imperial regalia was kept).
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What did Charlemagne contribute to the Holy Roman Empire?

Answer Almost nothing, or perhaps just the idea. His (Frankish) Empire fell apart soon after his death but maintained some kind of shadowy existence. The zest for dating the foundation of the Holy Roman Empire from 800AD is Anglo-American fantasy or nostalgia. German and Italian historians date ( Full Answer )

When did the Holy Roman Empire end.?

After Napoleon established the Confederation of the Rhine, which allowed French garrisons to be set up in Southern Germany, the Holy Roman Empire became completely irrelevant. Emperor Francis II of Austria dissolved it.

What made the Holy Roman Empire holy?

The term "Holy" was used by emperor Frederick Barbarossa in the 12th century as a response to the pope who technically called the emperor one of his vassals. The emperor on the other hand felt himself as highest sovereign on earth.

Where was the Medieval Holy Roman Empire?

It was located mainly in what is today Germany and Austria (known retroactively as "The First Reich"), but also extended at various times into France, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland and much of Central Europe.

He was the founder of the holy roman empire?

The Frankish king Charlemagne, in 800. His Empire (including what was to become France) fell apart after his death, but the title was revived for its eastern half (Germany and neighbouring regions plus northern Italy) by Otto I in 962.

Who was the ruler of the holy roman empire?

The ruler of the Holy Roman Empire was Henry I, but he didn't last for long so it's considered that his son, Otto I to be the emperor since he lasted very long, and being the greatest of the empores. by the way the Holy Roman empire is NOT Roman nor holy nor an empire it was a saxon empire, because ( Full Answer )

Who is the founder of the holy roman empire?

The concept of the Holy Roman Empire was first concieved by king Charles of the Franks when he was coronoated Emperor of the West by Pope Leo III on Christmas day AD 800. The empire was put into its lasting form by king Otto I of Saxony, and he is attributed with founding the Holy Roman Empire was i ( Full Answer )

Why did the Holy Roman Empire have no single government?

The medieval Holy Roman Empire was derived from the Carolingian Empire, which seems to have been consciously intended to resurrect ancient Rome. The Roman Empire had allowed kingdoms to operate within it, even from its beginnings, and these were originally called client kingdoms. Early on, they we ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire?

The Holy Roman Empire was actually in Germany and was named so by a pope after Charlemagne or Charles the Great conquered most of Europe and became Christan. The Roman Empire, from around 750 BC, began as a kingdom, then a republic, and finally an empire by around 30 BC, encompassing the entire r ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between the Holy Roman Empire and the Roman Empire?

The Roman Empire began about 27BC and lasted until 476 AD as the western Roman Empire. By that time the original empire had split with the remaining portion being the Byzantine Empire in the east. The Byzantine Empire endured until 1453 when it was defeated by the Ottoman Turks. These Roman Empires ( Full Answer )

Why did the Holy Roman Empire fall?

The Holy Roman empire fell because Napoleon overran many Germanstates and the Western German states joined his Rhine confederationmaking the Holy Roman Empire obsolete. Thus emperor Francis II. laydown his imperials crown.

What was the Holy Roman Empire?

Answer: After the collapse of the Western Empire under occupation of the Goths and Vandals, the Roman Empire continued on in the east based on Constantinople. In the west, the invaders consolidated their own territories, and sought wider legitimacy as western emperor. Charles the Great decided to c ( Full Answer )

When did the Holy Roman Empire fall?

It was initially united under Otto the Great in the year 962 and was dissolved under Francis II in 1806 during the Napoleonic Wars.

How long did the holy roman empire exist?

well, the first Holy Roman Emperor (Otto I) was crowned in 962AD, and the last (Francis II) abdicated and dissolved the Empire in 1806. That is, 844 years

Why was the Holy Roman Empire important?

The main importance of the empire was the fact that the Emperor Constantine decreed it to be a Christian empire. At this point in time the empire was so large it required two capitals.

Why Holy Roman Empire is not a nation?

It was never a nation, but rather a weakening collection of territories extending from today's Belgium to the Czech Republic and northern Italy. The last Emperor Francis II scrapped the title in 1806 in favour of a more unitary Austrian empire.

What the different between Roman empire and holy Roman empire?

The Roman empire began in 27 B.C. when Octavian was given the title Augustus and Emperor. It is the traditional Roman Empire we think of and lasted until A.D. 476. After that, it was split into the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire), and the Western Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire was a Ge ( Full Answer )

What replaced the holy roman empire?

The Holy Roman Empire was dissolved by Napoleon, and became just a large number of small countries. In the years after the Napoleonic Wars ended, these countries came together in a confederacy called the Zollverein, or German Customs Union. This might be the best organization to call the replacement ( Full Answer )

What was the difference between the Holy Roman Empire and the Roman Empire?

The Holy Roman Empire was a loose confederation of small kingdoms of what today is Poland, Belgium, parts of France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy and lasted from 962 AD until dissolved by Napoleon I in 1806.. The Roman Empire controlled most of the what was then the known world at its m ( Full Answer )

How did the Holy Roman Empire get its name?

Good question, because according to Voltaire it was neither Holy nor Roman nor an Empire. I'll start with the easiest. It got to be called an empire because after the partition of Charlemagnes empire, there could still be only one emperor, not three. Eligible for the title were his sons and their s ( Full Answer )

Holy Roman Empire fall?

after many wars,poverty,and such size,the army collapsed, citizens rebbeled,and invaders barged in. in 1806 napoleon`s franceconqured the remains of the empire.:the empire was not holy or roman.

What countries were in the holy roman empire?

The Holy Roman Empire was a union of countries in the area of central Europe during the Middle Ages, ruled by a Roman emperor. The union consisted of (in terms of the territories back then) the Kingdom of Germany, the Kingdom of Italy, and the Kingdom of Burgundy, along with other smaller imperial c ( Full Answer )

What happened to the Holy Roman Empire?

First of all, despite its name, Holy Roman Empire was not holy, nor Roman, and it wasn't an empire. Rather, it was a loose collection of German states like Prussia, Bavaria, and Hesse. And these states were united into the German Empire in 1871.

How big was the holy roman empire?

Germany, Holland, Belgium, Alsace and Lorraine (in France), Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia. It also held Burgundy and Provence(southeastern France) and Italy, but lost them. Later it also lost Switzerland, Holland, and Alsace and Lorraine.

Was the holy roman empire really holy?

i don't think that it was holy because the event of formation of the empire can be said as the treaty between the then pope and the Frankish's king Charlemagne . according to me the pope had used Charlemagne for the formation of the holy roman empire to protect himself as he used to do many illegal ( Full Answer )

What war ended the holy roman empire?

The Franco-Prussian War in 1870. Prussia won, and in 1871, joined with the German Confederation (a collection of about 30 kingdoms) to form Germany, ending the HRE.

What happened after 1648 the holy roman empire?

"After the Treaty of Westphalia (1648) the Holy Roman Empire was little more than a loose confederation of about 300 independent principalities and 1,500 or more semi-sovereign bodies or individuals. Threats from the Ottoman Empire or from Louis XIV of France occasionally stimulated imperial coopera ( Full Answer )

When did the Medieval Holy Roman Empire exist?

The Holy Roman Empire existed from 962 A.D., and dissolved when Emperor Francis II abdicated the throne after being conquered by Emperor Napoleon I of France in 1806.

What is the Papacy and the Holy Roman Empire?

... are you serious? The Papacy is the office of the Pope (the head of the Catholic church) and the Holy Roman Empire was an empire consisting of modern Germany, Flanders, Switzerland, northern Italy and a couple of other small territories. The Holy Roman Empire lasted from 962-1806.

Where there Catholics before the Holy Roman Empire?

Yes. Contrary to popular belief, the Holy Roman Empire is not the Ancient Roman Empire after Catholicism became widespread within it. The Holy Roman Empire was in Central Europe, founded by Charlemagne in the 7-800s, obviously centuries after Catholicism surfaced.

What was the difference between the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire?

Roman Empire (Roman)(Emperors)(27 BC - 476 AD) = The Roman Empire was the post-Republican period of the ancient Roman civilization, characterised by an autocratic form of government and large territorial holdings around the Mediterranean in Europe, Africa, and Asia ~ In-between were ( Full Answer )

Who dissolved the Holy Roman Empire?

The Holy Roman Empire was finally dissolved when Holy Roman Emperor Francis II abdicated, or renounced his throne. It can also be credited to Napoléon, who defeated the HRE in battle which led to Francis abdicating.

Who destroyed the holy roman empire?

Although by the time the Holy Roman Empire was officially dissolved it had already been facing centuries of decay and could hardly be called an empire, its final destruction is usually attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte who dissolved it during his invasions and replaced it with his own German Confeder ( Full Answer )

Where iin the world was the holy roman empire?

The empire's territory was centred on the Kingdom of Germany, and included neighbouring territories, which at its peak included the Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of Burgundy. For much of its history, the Empire consisted of hundreds of smaller sub-units, principalities, duchies,counties, Free Imp ( Full Answer )

Where in the world was the holy roman empire?

The so-called Holy Roman Empire was a medieval kingdom of central Europe. The Pope crowned the first "emperor" Charlemagne. It went from a Frankish kingdom to a Germanic one.

What was the difference between Roman empire and the holy Roman empire?

The Roman empire was the empire of the ancient Romans. The Holy Roman Empire existed from 962 to 1806. It was centred on the kingdom of Germany (which comprised Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Alsace and Lorraine) and included the kingdoms of Italy, Bohemia and Burgundy. The king of Germany beca ( Full Answer )

What was the territory of The Holy Roman Empire?

The Holy Roman Empire covered modern day Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Alsace and Lorraine in France, Switzerland, Austria, Bohemia, Slovenia and Italy. The empire lost jurisdiction over Italy in 1183, and lost Switzerland in 1499 and the Netherlands in 1581.

What was the size of the Holy Roman Empire?

The Holy Roman Empire was very large. The size of the Holy Roman Empire was roughly 386,102 square miles or 1,000,000 square kilometers spanning the areas of Europe.

Why was Holy Roman Empire created?

The precedent of the Holy Roman Empire was the Carolingian empire established by Charlemagne in 800. This empire covered France, Italy and Germany, which at the time included Holland, Luxembourg, eastern France, Switzerland, Austria, and Bohemia (the Czech Republic). This empire ended in 888 when th ( Full Answer )

What is the philosiphy of the holy roman empire?

It did not have any particular philosophy. The main thing about this empire was the battle to maintain power. It was a collection of some 300 states, some were big (such a as Bavaria, and Saxony) some small, such as bishoprics and city-states. For much of the time, the emperors had to struggle to ma ( Full Answer )

What land was includes in the holy roman empire?

At its greatest extent, the Holy Roman Empire included Germany,Austria, Italy, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, part of Poland,Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, north-eastern France Savoy and partof Province.