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Cold war was a war of threats, politics between democratic west and communist east. It was caused by the end of WWII with the emergence of two super powers America and the USSR, and their opposing ideologies. It was called a cold war because there were no occasions of direct armed conflict between the super powers.

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Q: What was the Cold War what caused the Cold War and why was it Cold?
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Who primarily caused the cold war?

No who; What caused it...the A-Bomb caused the cold war.

How did the end world war two caused the cold war?

The atom bomb caused the cold war.

What are causes of the cold war?

The Atomic Bomb caused the cold war.

Did churchill cause the cold war?

Churchill did not cause the cold war. Nuclear weapons caused the cold war.

Vietnam war caused by ideology?

Cold war.

How were ideological differences a cause of the cold war?

Ideological differences did not cause the cold war. Nuclear Weapons caused the cold war.

Did the Russian Civil War cause the cold war?

yes Russian civil war also caused the cold war .

Was Vietnam war caused by economic factors?

Cold War.

What caused the cold war to escalate during the post world war 2 Prd?

the cold wars

Tensions remaining after which war caused the Cold War?

A+ world war2

What war caused the most damage to the environment?

I would assume the cold war

How did the aids epidemic affect the cold war?

The aids epidemic had a huge impact on the cold war, the impact was caused by aids

What caused sputnik to happen?

It was caused by the cold war in the 1950s as the soviets wanted to launch the sputnik.

How did brinkmanship effect the Cold War?

It caused the war to spiral downward until it was later ended.

Why the world divided after the war?

Which war? After WWII the Cold War started and caused a division of democracy vs. communism.

Did churuchill cause the cold war?

Atomic weapons caused the cold war. Only LIMITED wars; limited to non-nuclear weapons could be fought during the cold war. TOTAL war would involve nukes.

What happened to the relationship with the soviet union during World War 2?

It was uneasy and then caused the Cold War.

What incidents caused the formation of intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations?

World War I, World War II, and the Cold War

Tension between which two blocs caused the Cold War?

Eastern and Western

What led to the cold war-?

The opposing systems of government between the United States and the Soviet Union, economics and power rivalry were the reasons that caused the Cold War.

Was the Falklands a war or a conflict?

I would define it as a war, but in general terms it was also a conflict because a war is only one type of conflict. It was one of many conflicts during the Cold War which was not caused by the Cold War.

What events caused the cold war to escalate to the point of almost becoming a hot war?

Cuban Missile Crisis

Is a cold caused by microorganisms?

no, a cold is caused by viruses

What countries caused the cold war?

United States (USA) and the Soviet Union (USSR)

Who split Germany?

It was the Cold War that caused the split between East and West Germany.