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What was the Confederate ironclad ship called?

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The Merrimack

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What was the union ironclad that was built to compete with the confederate ironclad?

The Union Ironclad Ship that was built to compete with the Confederate Ironclad was called the U.S.S. Monitor and the Confederate Ironclad was called the Merrimack (more accurately, the CSS Virginia).

What was the name of the confederate iron ship called the?


The northern ironclad ship was called this?

The Confederate ship was called the Merrimack and the Union ship was called the Monitor.

What was the famous union ironclad ship?

The Union Ironclad ship was the Monitor. The Confederate ship was the Virginia.

Who was the confederate ironclad ship?

The Css Virgina

What is the monitor in the civil war?

The Monitor was an ironclad ship created by the Union to battle against the Confederate ironclad called the Virginia (Merrimack).

What was the confederate warship called?

The Confederates had a ship called an Ironclad (one of the inventions of the Civil War) and this Ironclad ship was called the Merrimac. If you don't trust this answer then don't blame me, because that's what we learned in school.

What was the famous confederate ironclad ship?

CSS Virginia ; see related link below .The name of the Confederate ironclad ship was the Merrimack. It was later renamed the Virginia.

How did the union ship monitor and the confederate ship change the navy's around the world?


What does the CSS mean in CSS Virginina ironclad?

Confederate States Ship

What was the name of the confederate iron clad battle ship?

CSS Virginia was the first Confederate ironclad battleship.

Are ironclad ships considered weapons?

A ship is by itself never a weapon, and that also goes for an ironclad ship. The ironclad could only be called a weapon carrier.

Confederate ironclad ship?

the Virginia it was a large ship covered in well iron(betcha didn't see the one coming

Union ship captured by the south?

The Union ship called the USS Merrimack was captured by the South. The ship had been burned by the Union forces, but the Confederate forces took it and rebuilt it into an ironclad ship. It was renamed as the CSS Virginia.

What was the unions first ironclad ship called?


What was the first ironclad ship?

The first Ironclad ship was the Monitor.

Civil War southern NOT northern ironclad ships?

The SOUTHERN ironclad ship was the Merrimac, which was also called the Virginia.

Name of union ironclad ship?

The Union Ironclad ship was the USS Manassas.

Was the CSS Virginia an ironclad?

Yes, it was. It was the true name of the Confederate ironclad known as the Merrimac from the "Monitor and the Merrimac" battle. The Confederacy took a wooden ship formerly known as the Merrimac and put the iron armour on it. The ship was rechristened The CSS Virginia.

What was the union ironclad ship?

Perhaps the most famous Union ship of the American Civil War, the 'U.S.S. Monitor' was the Union's ironclad that did battle with the Confederate ironclad, the 'Virginia,' in March of 1862. Fighting its Southern opponent to a draw, the 'Monitor' continued to serve the North until late 1862, when it sank in a storm.

Was there an ironclad ship in the Civil War called the Monitor?


What ironclad warships were kept out of Confederate hands by minister Adam's stern protests to the British government?

the two ironclad warships were called the Laird rams.

What Confederate commander designed the new ironclad CSS Virginia from the wreckage of the USS Merrimack?

Confederate Commander Brooke is given credit for the design of the a new ironclad called the CSS Virginia from the wrecked USS Merrimack. He prepared sketches from an earlier designed ship by US Colonel John Stevens and made modifications he believed were necessary.

What is the definition of a ironclad?

An ironclad is a wooden-hulled water-going vessel which is covered in whole or in part by iron, serving as armor. Since the hull is clad in iron, it was called an ironclad ship.

Where did the iron -clad arrived at to battle a confederate iron-clad called the merrimack?

On 9 March 1862, the Confederate ironclad Merrimack and the Union ironclad Monitor did battle near Hampton Roads, Virginia in the Atlantic