What was the Nazi salute?

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It starts out kind of like putting your right hand over your heart,then going up real fast and putting your hand in the air,palm facing the ground and fingers to gather.

Answer #2Take the explanation of answer#1 and add the verbal salute of "heil" (hail). In fact you woundn't need to explain that much - just say it's a German version of the ancient Roman Empire... when soldiers salute "macte" the Caesar... in fact it's the roman salute.
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Q: What was the Nazi salute?
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What did the Nazi salute represent?

The Nazi salute represented respect and recognition for authority. The salute was done using the right arm which was raised to the eye level.

Where is it illegal to do the Nazi salute?


Why did the Nazi have a salute?

Its just military practice. Most if not all military have a salute.

What is the German word for the nazi salute?


Why does Barack Obama do the Nazi salute?

People wave their arms around for emphasis without necessarily doing a Nazi salute. There is no doubt that Barack Obama has no sympathy for Nazism.

What arm did Nazis salute with?

Based on photographs and film taken in the 1930's, the Nazi salute was done with the right arm.

How was the Nazi Salute founded?

The Nazi Salute has two origins, both of which are disputed at times.Number one: The most plausible theory:Adolf Hitler modelled the Nazi Salute after ancient Roman soldiers, who would jut their arms forward in the same way as a salute to their superiors.Number two: The other theory:Hitler took the fascist arm raise from Benito Mussolini (Commandant of the Italian Army), who invented it because he had a fear of handshaking.

What year did Jesse Owens refuse to do the Nazi salute?

The Olympic games 1936.

Is it illegal to do nazi salute in the UK?

No, but if a public figure does it, they will generally be accused of misconduct.

Is this how you spell salute?

Yes that is the correct spelling of salute.Some example sentences are:I salute you for knowing how to spell that word.The soldier forgets to salute his commanding officer.The Nazi salute is illegal in Germany and those caught doing it are jailed.Remember to salute the Queen as she passes.

What is German sieg hiel?

This was a Nazi salute that means literally "hail, Victory." It is profoundly offensive to use this salute in almost all contexts other than documentary or historical research contexts.

What did the Nazi salute mean to Hitler?

Hitler modelled his 'Third Riech' on the Roman Empire. This can easily be seen in the classical building project which he embarked on. The open handed salute was copied from the Roman military salute. With the salute were spoken the words 'Sieg Hiel' which translated means "Hail to the call of victory" which was sometimes combined with a heel click.

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