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The Red Army was the nickname for the Soviet army. This term was coined in 1918( I think ) when the Communists (reds - thus called due to the major color of their flag) were fighting a civil war with the white Russian forces (those favoring the tsar/nobility leadership).

Ultimately the Communists won the civil war and the entire Soviet army became known as the Red Army, later renamed the Soviet Army.

It's an army of red Indians wearing red

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Q: What was the Red Army?
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Why was the red army called the red army?

The "Red" in Red Army refers to the blood spilled by its members in armed conflict against Capitalism. The full name of the Red Army was the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army (RKKA), which was dropped after WWII and replaced with simply "the Soviet Army."

What was the Red Army during the Holocaust?

The Red Army was a nickname for the Soviet Army.

What was the Red Army in world war 2?

The Red Army was a nickname for the Soviet Army.

When was Red Army created?

Red Army was created in 1918.

Who built the red army?

Lenin and Stalin built the Soviet Red Army; Mao built the Red Chinese Army.

Was the Nazis Wehrmacht or Red Army?

Nazi were wehrmacht, Russians were red army

When was Red Army Faction created?

Red Army Faction was created in 1970.

When did Ruhr Red Army happen?

Ruhr Red Army happened in 1920.

What countries made up the Red army in World War 2?

The Red Army was a nickname for the Soviet Army.

What was the red army of China?

Communist army.

What was China army called?

"The Red Army"

Who was the leader of the red army?

Joseph StalinLeon TrotskyAnd there there was the Japanese red Army.......

What groups made up the red army and the white army?

the Bolshieviks made up the Red army, and the Non-communists made up the White army

Who led the Red Army to victory over the White Army in the Russian Civil War?

Leon Trotsky commanded the Red Army.

What is the ISBN of China's Red Army Marches?

The ISBN of China's Red Army Marches is 0883553902.

When was China's Red Army Marches created?

China's Red Army Marches was created in 1934.

When was Red Army - novel - created?

Red Army - novel - was created in 1989.

When did Red Army invasion of Georgia happen?

Red Army invasion of Georgia happened in 1921.

What was another name for the communist army?

Red Army.

What was The Soviet Unions army was called?

The Red Army

What is the name of the Russian army?

The Red Army

What was the group that the continental army called?

the red army

Was the aim of the Russian revolution acheived?

When the RED Army defeated the WHITE Army, the aim of the Red Army was achieved. They now had a communist country.

What animal was the red army portrayed as in the novel Animal Farm?

"In the novel Animal Farm the red army was represented by the pigs."Actually, more specifically, Napoleon (stalin) held an army similar to the red army of the soviet union

Which person who organized the Red Army of Russia second to Lenin?

Leon Trotsky organized the Red Army.