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The Old Deluder Satan Law is the term for Massachusetts School Law in 1647 making schools compulsory. It is named after the opening of the law, which declares that schools are required to allow children to learn Scripture and avoid the trap of Satan to keep them ignorant.

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The "Old Deluder Satan Act" was passed by the Puritans in 1647. It referred to how Satan tricked people into being ignorant, and it stated that every city must have schools where children were taught to read and write, so that they could study and understand the Bible. It was one of the first (some sources say the first) educational acts requiring that children receive an education.

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Q: What was the Satan deluder act?
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What was the act that passed in 1647 establishing the first public schools in America?

Ole' Deluder Satan Act

What is the 1647 old deluder Satan act?

The Old Deluder Act was passed in 1647 and it established the first public schools in America. The schools would teach children to read the Bible.

What law established the first town education system in America?

The law was remembered as the Ole' Deluder Satan Act.

Why was Ole' Deluder Satan Act passed in Massachusetts?

== This act, known today as the Ole' Deluder Satan Act, established the first town school system in America, a system that recognized the importance of the Bible in a civilized society. Ref. America Land I Love, 1994, A Beka Books, page 35 == The Ole' Deluder Act was passed in Massachusetts in the mid 17th century because the Puritans were deeply religious and believed in the very real presence of evil/Satan. They believed if they read and studied the Scriptures enough they could resist evil and Satan's temptations. This Act was the first Education Act in America to make sure all townships with 50 or more households provided a school to teach children to read and write. Learning to read was a necessity in order to thwart the Ole' Deluder (Satan).

Why is the Old deluder's Satan act important in todays society?

The "old deluder" act was passed in 1647. It is important because it was the beginning of public education. Towns of 50 or more families had to pay a man to teach writing and reading in "town schools".

How did the ole deluder Satan act get its name?

because of how bad the law was. there was a treaty between England and Pennysylvania about how the law came to name. It was because of how cruel the person who made the law was. so England signed a teaty saying it should be called ole deluder satan. GOOD LUCK ON THAT TEST OR HOMEWORK!!

What were the requirements to teach in the Satan Deluder Act system?

The Satan Deluder Act was made in to law in 1647 and required that children (boys in community schools and girls in "dame"/homeschools) be taught to read [and write] so that they may read from and understand the scriptures (the Bible)and live wholesome, productive lives. It was thought that the Bible was the major source of higher thought and intellectualism until the era of post-modernism in the mid 1700's.

In colonial times the citizens passed one of its first educational laws designed to help children learn to read the Bible. What was this law called?

The Old Deluder Satan Act

What did the old deluder Satan law deal with?

It dealt with schools in the new England Colonies or the young America. It required state and municipal funds to go to a public school system. Before these act all children were basically homeschooled.

What law was passed in 1647 in Massachusetts to provide for educatoin in towns having more than 50 families?

old deluder satan law

What was the colonial Puritan term for Satan?

The Old Deluder was the colonial Puritan name for Satan. It was so well in use that the Puritans established a law to protect children from the Devil. The law required that once a community reached a certain sized population, the community needed to hire an expert teacher to give lessons on how to avoid being caught by Satan.

How did schools start from old deludar Satan act?

They did not.