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The South's greatest strength during the Civil War was as follows: they had better military leaders compared to the Northerners. Just for the heck of it, they also had a home advantage, since they knew their land well.

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What was the North's greatest strength during the Civil War?

The North's greatest strength or resource during the Civil War was its industry.

What do you think would be the souths greatest advantage during the civil war?

Stronger war mission - defending the homeland against the invader (along with the home-ground advantage).

Which was the Souths greatest resource at the start of the civil war?

The greatest resource was cotton. During the civil war, the South traded cotton for guns and other supplies. The South also withheld cotton shipments to Britain to convince them to help them fight in the Civil War. This was called the Cotton Diplomacy.

What was the souths economy like during the civil war?

Before the War it was great. During and afterwards it was terrible.

What is the capitol for the north during civil war?

im studing civil war right now, and i believe it was still Washington dc. however the souths was RIchmond Virginia!

What was the south's war strategy during the Civil War?

The souths plan to win the war was to repel the attacks instead of invading the North.

What was the south's biggest disadvantage in the Civil War?

What was the souths biggest advantage in the Civil War?

What was the souths strategy during the civil war?

The South's military strategy during the Civil War was to be on the defense. The South also felt that if they could win one big victory they could convince the North to abandon the war.

What was the economy like for the north during the civil war?

The Norths economy during the civil war and in general during this time period was industry and trade, the Souths was agriculture The Northern economy wasn't as badly hurt by the war as the economy of the South. (APEX)

What union general accepted souths surrender during civil war?

General Ulysses S. Grant accepted the surrender of the south at appomattox courthouse.

What was the Souths Plan going into the Civil War?

the souths plan was for to wait till the north gave up or got tired like fort Sumter

Who was the souths leader in the civil war?

One was General Robert E. Lee

Was Jefferson Davis a present in the civil war?

yes,he was president of the souths side

What was the souths greatest asset during the war?

The greatest asset of the South in the US Civil War was the fact that it was fighting for its independence. It had to win or lose everything. In the North, well if they quit, the entire western frontier was theirs to deal with. And, they already had a strong industrial base and a strong farmland as well. Wheat, corn and potatoes are prime examples.

The souths main goal of the civil war was to?

to recognition that they are their own "country" that is the main purpose why the south started the civil war

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