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What was the South's economy like before the US Civil War?

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It was based on several major crops which were cotton, tobacco and rice. Southern cotton dominated the world markets.

There was hardly any significant industrialization. It was, for all practical purposes an economy based on agriculture. With that said, there was some industry in both Nashville and Richmond. The same was true for the shipyards in Mobile Bay, Alabama.

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What was the souths economy like during the civil war?

Before the War it was great. During and afterwards it was terrible.

What was the Souths people like before the civil war?

Many before and after the war were white supremacists.

What was the economy like for the north during the civil war?

The Norths economy during the civil war and in general during this time period was industry and trade, the Souths was agriculture The Northern economy wasn't as badly hurt by the war as the economy of the South. (APEX)

What was the Souths Plan going into the Civil War?

the souths plan was for to wait till the north gave up or got tired like fort Sumter

What was the US economy like before the Civil War?

It wasn't as bad as it was during war time.

What was the Southern economy like forty years after the US Civil War?

The South's economy was devastated after the US Civil War. As a summary statement, for a forty year period after the Civil War, the economy of the South was stagnated, and two thirds of its wealth was destroyed.

What was the economy like for the US during the Civil War?

Like most economies during times of Civil War the United States economy collapsed tremendously, but re-grew after when the Industrial Revolution began.

What were businesses like before the civil war?

Which form of business was common before the civil war

Why did the North use total war?

The north wanted to destroy the Souths economy, that way the south wont have any supplies or anything like that. Also that way, the north will win the war.

What was Britain's economy like before World War 1?


Describe what the economy was like before war?

The United States economy before the war was extremely prosperous as the slave trade proved to be a lucrative business.

How was the southern economy like a colony?

Colonies are usually valuable for the raw materials and agricultural products that they export and have to import manufactured goods. This was true of the South before the Civil War and for many years after that also.

What did a typical farm look like before the civil war?


What was slavery like in Texas before the civil war?

The same it was in Louisiana.

Why native Americans decided to support the south in the civil war?

The South was rebelling against the federal government during the war and the native americans had never been given any reason to like the feds. They joined the souths rebellion.

What was the class structure like in the south like before the civil war?

It was rigid and well defined

Why did the American Civil War begin?

the reason the American civil war begun is because people wanted freedom. they also didn't like their economy and wanted a different one

What was the economy like during and before the Holocaust?

It sounds to me as if you mean World War 2.

What was life like before civil rights movement?

it was coo. we had slaves, that was coolness

What was the south like before the civil war?

Before the Civil War, slaves worked hard for no pay. They were treated unfairly, like objects, rather then people. They mostly made cotton off of plantations and slave labor

What was life like after the civil war for freedmen in the south?

somewhat like there lives before they were freed... Apex:)

What was life like for many freedmen in the South after the Civil War?

somewhat like there lives before they were freed

What is the French economy like?

The French economy is like a French economy. >:D

What was the Economy like in the south during the civil war?

The south's economy during the civil war was the economy The Southern economy collapsed. Its money was worthless. The blockade closed off trade. Sherman's March destroyed what little industry there was, and the transportation system to get food, clothing, and ammunition to the army. His army ate or destroyed the crops that the mothers, wives, and sisters of the soldiers had planted. By the end, a Barter Economy was all that was left, for what little was left to trade.

Why do the souths don't like Abraham Lincoln?

They were in favor of slavery while President Lincoln pressed against it. That conflict eventually began the Civil War between the North and South. The North supported Lincoln and no slavery, while the South begged to differ.