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Once the allies successfully invaded Europe, this forced Germany to divert more troops from the Eastern Front to the Western Front. Until this happened with Operation Overlord, the Russians handled the brunt of the German war effort. They pressured the other allies to attack Europe as soon as possible to ease their losses and force German to divide and weaken its forces.

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Q: What was the USSR pressuring the Western Allies into in World War 2?
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How did you end the war in eroupe during world war 2?

Germany was sandwiched between the USSR and the western allies.

What side was the USSR on in World War II?

The USSR was with the Allies - they were against the Germans

Who were allies of the US in World War 1?

The main US Allies were the British Empire, the USSR and China.

What was thee Berlin Wall and why was it built?

After WWII, Germany was defeated by the allies and divided. East Germany was run by the USSR (Russians). Berlin, the capital, was located in East Germany, but was controlled by the USSR and the western allies. The Berlin wall was build to keep the East Germans in Eastern Berlin from entering Western Berlin of Western Germany.

Why could the allies not use land routes to supply West Berlin?

Allies had to air lift supplies into West Berlin because the USSR had all roads blockaded. The eastern part of the city was under the control of the USSR, and the western region was under the control of the allies. The USSR hoped that by shutting off all routes, the allies would turn total control of Berlin over to them.

Who are the World War 2 UK Allies?

The US, USSR, China and the Free French were the UK's major allies.

Top 5 allies of World War II?

The top five allies in World War 2 are the USSR, USA, Britain, Canada and Australia.

Which countries were our allies during world war 2?

UK, USSR and France

Who are 4 Allies of World War 2?

USA, UK, USSR and France

Who were the three main Allies World War 2?

The UK The US and the USSR.

What were the 4 key allies to the US during World War 2?

Main allies of the US were Britain, France, USSR and China.

Why did east and West Germany form?

Because the Western Allies(UK,USA,France) occupied the Western half of Germany while the USSR occupied the Eastern half.

What countries were known as allies in the world war 2?

US, USSR, UK, and France

What were the three major Allies in World War 2?

USA, USSR, & Britan

Who were France's main allies during World War 2?

The UK, US and the USSR.

Was USSR part of the axis powers in World War 2?

no, they were part of the allies forces

What are world war 11 allies?

if you mean world war 2 the us the UK an ussr would be examples.

Who were france's allies and enemies throughout world war 2?

USA, UK, and USSR were Allies. Germany, Italy and Japan were Axis enemies.

The axis and the allies in world war 2?

Allies - USA, UK USSR and France Axis - Germany, Italy and Japan

What countries where united states allies during world war 2?

UK, USSR, and France

Did Winston Churchill get allies for world war 2?

yes like USSR, USA and China

Why did the Soviet Union finally join the allies during World War 2?

They joined the allies when Germany started invading the USSR ( soviet union)

Why didn't the USSR and the U.S.A. fight?

The USSR and the USA were allies at the time of WW2

How did Hitler stop the west from becoming allies with ussr?

USSR was an ally with the west, in fact Hitler invaded the USSR.

Who were the USA allies during the world war 2?

USSR, Britain, France and Canada are the big ones. However, the USA were not the main fighters, they were the allies jumping in.