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The "Yalta Conference" was a World War II meeting between the heads of state of the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met in February, 1945 at Yalta, in the Crimea, to plan the occupation of postwar Germany.

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The yalta conference established?

The Yalta Conference, also known as the Crimea Conference was established in 1945.

What date did they have the yalta conference?

yalta conference was held on September 2, 1945

When and where was the Yalta Conference?

The Yalta Conference took place in the Livadia Palace, which was located near Yalta. The conference was held February 4th to the 11th of the year 1945.

What year was the yalta conference?

The Yalta Conference was February 4-11, 1945. Save

When the yalta conference takes place?

The Yalta Conference took place in 1945 on the Crimea Peninsula.

Where was the yalta conference located?

The Yalta Conference was in Potsdam more specifically a blACK SEA RESORT

What has the author Diane Shaver Clemens written?

Diane Shaver Clemens has written: 'Yalta' 'Yalta' -- subject(s): Crimea Conference, Yalta, 1945, Yalta Conference (1945)

What was the decisions of the Yalta conference?

The decisions of the Yalta conference was to split up Germany between the countries at the conference and the United Nations was formed

What is a good word that starts with Y related to World War 2?

Yalta conference Yalta conference

What did the yalta conference and the potsdam conference have in common?

josef Stalin was at the both conferneces Winston churchill was at the yalta conference and half of the potsdam conference it involved the same nations

What was the purpose of the yalta conference?

The Yalta Conference was to organize the United Nations... FDR, Stalin and Churchill were the main three there.

What leader did not keep his promise he made at the Yalta conference?

Josef Stalin did not keep the promise he made in the Yalta Conference

What allied conference came first yalta or potsdam?

Yalta came first

Was Hitler appeased at the Yalta conference?


What are the three war time conferences?

The Yalta ConferenceThe Potsdam ConferenceThe Casablanca Conference

Conference held on the Crimean Peninsula in February 1945?

The Yalta Conference.

What changed between the conference at yalta and at the conference at potsdam?

Death of Roosevelt.

Big three wartime conference that later became?

Yalta Conference

What happened at the yalta conference?

Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met at Yalta to confirm a postwar conference on what would happen to Europe after the war of WWII

Who was in the yalta conference?

Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin

Was the yalta conference in the cold war?

Yes it was

What was the subject of the Yalta Conference?

how to defeat Germany

Where was postwar peace discussed?

Yalta Conference.

Was Alger Hiss in the Yalta Conference?


What year did yalta conference happen?


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