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What was the best relationship you have had with a boss and why?


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a relationship that breeds trust is the best relationship with the boss!

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The best relationship would be to have your boss as a mentor or coach, teaching you things that help you do your job better and advance in your career.

how do i briefly describe my relationship with my boss

It is were the boss has a sexual relationship with his/her employees.

keep it professional only, dont try to make friends with your boss, just do your job best you can

El mejor jefe= the best boss

As used in human relations, a lateral relationship is a relationship you share with people who are on the same level of authority as you. In the work place, this would be your co-workers. This excludes your boss and those whom you may boss around.

It is best to do it in person or on the phone. Email is too impersonal and shows a lack of concern for your relationship with the company. Honesty is ALWAYS the BEST policy

You are a great boss. You care about your employees.

Yes, Diana Prince (wonder woman) had a relationship with her boss Steve Trevor the pilot.

First off you are a minor and secondly he's your boss and if your relationship goes sour then you may lose your job. A good rule of thumb is not to date boss' or coworkers.

There are many things you can do when introducing your boss. You can introduce them with a small introduction covering your relationship for example.

what was the best thins to say to your boss if you want to increase your salary?

To address your female boss, you will want to call her "Ms.," "Miss" or "Mrs.". However, if you have a friendly relationship with your female boss, you can sometimes get away with calling her by her first name.

You may want to think about this before you approach. Will a relationship with your boss conflict with your career? Once you've decided that a romantic relationship with your boss will be O.K., you should ask your boss to lunch or somewhere that is not in the workplace. Tell them that you admire them, flatter them a bit - see how they react. Good reaction? Just go on and say it.

A line relationship shows how much power each person has in order -normally a list- eg. boss at top

BOSS is the best brand of Guitar Equalizer. BOSS makes quality products and is reputable within the industry.

I think the best relationship is when you can stay away from him/her.

A prohibited relationship is a kind of a relationship that may be perceived to be exploitative or coercive in nature. Some examples are incest, nepotism, and boss/subordinate.

The best wishes you could tell your boss is that they have done a good job and that you will miss him or her. Wish him or her the best of luck on their new job.

No. Revolver Ocelot is the son of The Boss and The Sorrow, two characters featured in Metal Gear Solid 3. Solid Snake is a clone of Big Boss. Big Boss was trained by The Boss, but there is no blood relationship between them.

It doesn't matter if he/she likes you. He/she is your boss and you are working for them. There is a fine line in that type of relationship and if crossed it can verge on sexual harassment. Just do your job.

The best way to say it is 'tyrannical boss'. However, as a label or title, calling him a Tyrant Boss can also be done. Tyranting is not an English word.

a boss who is very friendly and a boss who will not bite your head off for being a few minutes late

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