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What was the bike four stroke single cylinder engine bike gives more mileage?

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What is the difference between a single-acting and an opposed piston engine is?

Single-acting? You mean like a single cylinder engine, like in my lawn mower? The biggest difference (besides the obvious "an opposed engine has more cylinders" is that an opposed engine has more torque. On a single-cylinder four-stroke, you've got the cylinder moving under input energy--the burning gasoline--for one stroke, and under stored energy from the flywheel for three strokes. If you have a two-cylinder engine, you have two strokes where the engine is moving under input energy--each cylinder has one--and two strokes using stored energy. If you have a four-cylinder engine, each stroke is moving under input energy.

Is a 200s atc a 2 stroke?

The 200S is powered to life by an overhead cam four-stroke single cylinder 192 cc engine

How Air cooling of 4 stroke single cylinder motorbike petrol engine occurs?

The air cooling of a 4 stroke petrol engine takes when the air flows on the engine .it takes not by radiation.

KTM 250 SX?

A single cylinder 2 stroke 249cc engine with a Keihin PWK36 carb.

On a 4-cylinder engine that has a firing order of 1342 if number 1 cylinder is on the exhaust stroke what stroke is number 3 cylinder on?

On a 4-cylinder engine with a firing order of 1342, if number 1 cylinder is on the exhaust stroke, the number 3 cylinder will be on the induction stroke.

How power is affected by the diameter and stroke length of cylinder of an IC engine?

if the diameter of cylinder and stroke length of an I.C. engine is greater then the power output is more.

What is a single cylinder engine?

An engine works by placing fuel in a cylinder and igniting it to create movement on the push or downward movement. A single cylinder uses only one cylinder to burn fuel. It is more efficient to use 2 or more to create movement on the up AND downward stroke of a fuel burn. Hope this helps.

Flywheel in internal-combustion engine?

The flywheel in an engine stores the energy given to it by the moving pistons and smooths the rotation. In single cylinder engines the power stroke of the piston would cease immediately if it were not for the flywheel continuing the exhaust stroke to rid the cylinder of the spent gases.

What kind of engine does a Honda CRF-80 dirt bike have?

Single cylinder 4 stroke. See link below for full 09 engine specs.

What is the function of an exhaust valve?

It relieves the cylinder of exhaust on the 4th stroke of a 4 stroke engine.

Is a Honda cr 85 a 4 stroke?

No, it is a 84.7cc liquid cooled single cylinder 2 stroke.

How to find firing order for in line 6 cylinder 2 stroke engines?

Inline 6 cylinder 2 stroke? That is a rare engine indeed. It for sure is not a Ford engine which is the category you listed this question in. What is this engine installed in?

Can a single stroke ic engine can be designed?

Yes. It is the rocket engine. It has internal combustion and it has only one "stroke"

What is the effect of changing the engine cylinder bore diameter?

Enlarging the cylinder bore will increase cc's in a 2 stroke and ci's ina 4 stroke.....

Which engine does a Honda 80R dirt bike have?

It has a Honda engine with the following specifications: 83cc's single-cylinder two-stroke, compression 8.4:1, bore x stroke is 47.0 x 47.8 mm or 1.9 x 1.9 inches. The engine is liquid cooled.

Can you use petrol for 4 cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine?


When an engine has a cylinder bore that is larger than its stroke what is this called?


How is engine vacuum created?

During the intake stroke of each cylinder.

Each cylinder of a four-cylinder two-stroke engine has a bore of 5.4 cm and a stroke of 5.4 cm. How would a manufacturer list the displacement of this engine?

1000 cc

Why two stroke engine called by this name?

on 2 stroke engines the cylinder fires everytime the piston comes up. on 4 stroke engines the cylinder fires every other time the piston comes up

What is the Valve clearance Briggs 18 HP single cylinder intek engine?

turn engine to top dead center on compression stroke then turn 1 quarter of an inch passed set at .005

What is cubic capacity of engine in car?

It is the volume that the piston swipes in one stroke inside the engine cylinder.

What is stroke of an engine?

The stroke of an engine is the distance the piston travels within the cylinder from bottom dead centre to top dead centre. This is governed by the throw of the crankshaft.

How much does horsepower does a kx85 have?

A Kawasaki kx85 has a 29 horsepower engine. This kind of dirt bike also has a two stroke, single cylinder 84 cc motor.

Who made the first 3 cylinder two stroke snowmobile engine?