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The British troops moved on Lexington and Concord in an attempt to seize a reported arms cache, and to attempt the capture of John Hancock and Samuel Adams. The information obtained by the British concerning the existence of the arms and the whereabouts of Hancock and Adams was good, but the two patriots were warned of the British movement by Paul Revere, and the colonials chose to stand and fight rather than retire, thus starting the war for American Independence.

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Q: What was the cause of the British attack at Concord and Lexington?
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Why were the battles of Lexington and concord a cause of war with British?

because of the rukus they caused

What cause the battle of Lexington and Concord?

General Thomas Gage commanded the British forces that occupied Boston. Intelligence given to Gage reported that colonial rebels were stockpiling weapons in the town of Concord, Massachusetts. Gage sent a unit of British troops to confiscate the weapons. The local militias of Lexington and Concord received word that the British were advancing towards the weapons stockpile, and took arms to defend the weapons. The British column encountered resistance from the Lexington militia. In the Battle of Lexington, British troops were able to scatter the Lexington militia, but when the British reached Concord, they encountered fierce colonial resistance and were forced to retreat.

Why were the Battles of Lexington and Concord a cause of war with Britain?


What was a cause os the battles of lexington and concord?

The cause was 1800 British regulars marching to Concord and they were met by 77 colonial men in Lexington . Shooting took place several men were wounded and houses set on fire. Then, 800 regulars marched on to Concord to collect guns and gunpowder from colonials who stored these items there.

What were the causes and the outcomes of the battles at Lexington and concord?

Cause was the British decided to march to find the hidden arms and gunpowder in Concord and arrest Adams. The outcome was the 77 men standing in Lexington green that morning to stop them and later that afternoon the first shots of the revolution were fired at Concord bridge.

What was the cause and effect of the battles of Lexington and Concord?

Im not sure

Why were the battle of lexington and concord a cause of a war with Britain?

The battles of Lexington and Concord are considered to be causes of a war with Britain because they were the first battles where colonists had small victories and began to believe that they could win against the British soldiers. Also, the British moved supplies from the towns, forcing the colonists to fight for supplies.

Cause of the American Revolution in 1776?

It began with the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

What was a cause of the battles Lexington and concord?

In most colonies, Minute-Men were being trained. General Thomas Gage heard about some potential weapons in Concord, and marched British troops up to Concord from Boston to try and get rid of the weapons.

Colonial militias clashing with british soldiers at concord and lexington cause American leaders to meet and make many decisions?

Second continental congress

What does Colonial militias clashing with British soldiers at Concord and Lexington cause American leaders to meet and make many decisions mean?

Second continental congress

Who did the EVENT of the Lexington and Concord battle benefit?

The event of Lexington and Concord benefited the colonists. The events of April 19th were a huge victory for the Colonists. They prompted the British to go into panic mode, and bring in more soldiers. At the same time, the "American Cause" began to take on a new form around the country. American militias saw that they could beat the British, and at the same time the British saw they could be beaten.

What is the cause of the midnight ride with Paul Revere?

TO WARN :Massachusetts Provincial Congress, the city of Concord ,Lexington & Medford

Which explanation best explains a cause of the American Revolution?

The battles of Lexington and Concord were a big fight that happened that caused the Revolution

What was the cause of the Lexington and Concord Battle?

General Gage heard that Samuel Adams and John Hancock were meeting in Lexington. He also heard that minutemen were storing weapons in Concord. He ordered more than 700 soldiers to go arrest Hancock and Adams and and find the weapons.

How did the actions of each side contribute to confrontation at Lexington and Concord?

During the American Revolutionary Period, actions by both the American Patriots and the British authorities contributed to the confrontations that occurred at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. On the British side, the aggressive march into the Massachusetts countryside, with the goal of searching for and destroying hidden arms along with orders to arrest key revolutionary leaders, was a primary cause of the confrontations. On the Patriot side, defiant unwillingness to stand aside or watch passively as the British aggression occurred, not to overlook their prior storing of arms in countryside hiding-places, was yet another primary cause of the 'shot heard around the world' that was fired that day.

What did the Boston Tea Party cause?

The closing of the harbor of Boston and the addition of troops into the Boston area. This upset the colonist and they began to collect arms/gunpowder in the smaller towns outside of Boston. The British got wind of this and began to try to stop the weapons from getting to the colonist. On April 19, 1775 British troops came ashore in Charles town to begin to go the 20 miles to Lexington and Concord to find the ammo and guns that were stored there. This resulted in the battles of Lexington and Concord. At Lexington a number of colonist were killed and houses burned by the time the troops reached Concord colonist came from all over the area to fight them. They met at the Bridge of Concord and were fired upon all the way back to Boston, but it won't be until 1776 that the war will really start when the colonies declared themselves free of the King.

What was the most remember place of the Revolutionary War?

Lexington and Concord, two towns in Massachusetts, were where the Revolution began, when colonial militia exchanged fire with British troops sent in from Boston. Saratoga, New York, was a major turning point in the Revolution, in which American forces dealt a harsh blow to British forces and gained recognition by the French of their cause.

Why did Paul Revere say tha British are coming the British are coming?

Because the british were hiding waiting to attack them.

How did Paul Revere help the revolutionary cause before the famous ride?

He warned The American army that the British were going to attack, and his dog was the real hero. He ran 26 miles to home with a note Revere wrote to get spurs for his horse so he could get to Lexington (spot of the first battle) and warn the Americans. His wife saw the note and gave the dog the spurs and he ran ALL THE WAY BACK to Lexington. Somehow, Revere and his horse crossed the Charles River without disturbing the British Ship right next to them. Revere then warned the Americans of a British "suprise" attack the Americans and would ruin their chances of winning the war.

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How is the name the Battle of Bunker Hill misleading?

June 17, 1775. First major battle of the American Revolution. Within two months of the Battle of Lexington and Concord, more than 15,000 colonial troops assembled. Boston to prevent British army from occupying hills around the city. Battle was actually on Breed's Hill, not Bunker Hill. Colonists fortified Breed's Hill in Charlestown; withstood cannonade from British ships in Boston Harbor, and fought off assaults by 2,300 British troops but were eventually forced to retreat. British won the battle landwise, but it was a Pyrrhic victory that lent considerable encouragement to the revolutionary cause.

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