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What was the climate and geography of colonial new york?


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New York's climate was much the same as it is today. See the related question for that description.

The terrain was very swampy near the coast and the Hudson river. Further North were mountains covered with many forests. The ground was rocky though the soil was good for farming once it was cleared of rocks and trees.

The Middle Colonies also had many great rivers and harbors (used to develop trade with the western areas within their own colonies as well as with the other American colonies and England). The farmland was fertile which contributed to the many small, family-owned farms.


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The geography in colonial New Jersey was mostly flat land with good soil. It had a moderate climate with cold winters and warm summers.

Colonial New York had a very similar climate to today's. See the related question for that description.

the climate was good for farming and the geography had fertile soil and the land was not too mountainous.

The geography of colonial New York is mostly flatlands and a few hills. The land is rocky and dominated by forests, rivers, mountains, and lakes. GLAD TO HELP

Colonial New York consisted of present day New York boundaries plus present day Vermont. Major cities were New York and Albany.

New York City has a humid subtropical climate. The rest of New York State has a humid continental climate. The climate in colonial times was pretty much the same as it is today.

The climate in colonial New Hampshire was very cold and snowy in the winter, yet very hot in the summer.

There were warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. There were lots of forests and hills. It was between Maryland and New York. hope this helps!

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New York City has a humid subtropical climate. It is the northernmost U.S. city to have this climate. The rest of New York State has a humid continental climate.

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