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the creation of the vedas were just pure awsome ;D

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What do the Vedas teach us about early Indian societies?

Creation has a definite beginning ans also an end

How old are Vedas?

The Vedas were revealed in the beginning of creation, about 1,960 million years ago to four sages, because they were holier than all other souls.they were Soorya, Vayu, Agni and Angiras Rishis

What are the vedas and two impotantant Hindu beliefs?

Vedas are the ancient non man made texts available to guide Mankind. Some of the important beliefs are one supreme god & cycle of creation, preservation and destruction of the universe.

Who was the first man to use numbers?

Well, if you consider Adam to be the first man, Adam was 930 years old when he passed away, so someone was counting even then. See related links below.The Vedas, supposedly the oldest scriptures, are recreated from time to time when necessary, as creation is destroyed again and again, and so it is necessary to recreate the Vedas, and the Vedas use numbers. Numbers seem to be as old as creation is, and if you go by the Vedas, creation is infinitely old. No beginning, no end, if you can conceive of that. Archaeologically the earliest evidence for the use of numbers dates to around 3400BC in Ancient Mesopotamia. Unfortunately, the name of the individual who came up with the idea is unrecorded.

What are sources of the Vedas?

The vedas are the reverberations of pure consciousness. One unbounded ocean of consciousness is self referral by it's nature. Being consciousness it knows it's self. This means there is motion & that causes some sounds. There primordial sounds of the Ved are the expressions of the self interacting dynamics of consciousness. The Vedas are not created by anyone, they are self generated. The sounds of the ved precipitate as the forms of creation. Infinite diversity is lively in eternal unity which is my consciousness, your consciousness, the consciousness for everyone & the whole creation.

How Hindus show respect the Vedas?

Hindus show respect the Vedas asHindus believe that the Vedas texts are of divine origin. The chief sacred scriptures of the Hindusare the Vedas. THere are lot of Vedas in hinduism.

What religion are the Vedas in?

The vedas is in the Hindu religion.

Who composed the Vedas?

The vedas where composed by aryans

What is the relationship between the Vedas and the Vedic texts?

The Vedas are four gods. the vedic text talks about the vedas

Is the gayatri mantra the mother of the Vedas?

yes no doubt it is the mother of all the vedas as all the vedas begin with this mantra

What has the author Barbara A Holdrege written?

Barbara A. Holdrege has written: 'Veda and Torah' -- subject(s): Bible, Comparative studies, Creation, Hinduism, Judaism, Relations, Vedas

Is Vedas a motto?

I do not know if Vedas is a motto that is why i submitted the question

Which religion is upanishads and Vedas?

Upanishads and Vedas are sacred writings of the Hindus

What are the Vedas written in?

The Vedas are written in SANSKRIT, the language of ancient India.

What religion has the Vedas as it's holy book?

Vedas are associated with Hinduism.

Which language were the Vedas composed?

All four 'Vedas' are in 'Sanskrit' language.

What does las Vedas mean in English?

las vedas means closures

What do the puranas teach?

The teachings of the Vedas. (The Vedas are the sacred texts of Hinduism)

Are Vedas part of brahmanism?

yes they are and the Vedas are contained with hymns and poems

Vedas are what?

The Vedas are the most comprehensive and universal of all ancient scriptures.

Kahulugan ng vedas?

ano ang kahulugan ng vedas

Why do Hinduism use the holy vedas for?

holy Vedas were originally commandments of God to first men. Vedas are used as guidance for daily life in Hinduism. Vedas are also used for religious activities and rituals.

Is the Mahabharata story is true in Indian culture?

To know what is Mahabharata you should know what is Veda.THE VEDAS: From the Vedas, came the knowledge of language like prosody + grammar +l linguistic + word roots + etc . From the Vedas came the customs and rituals which got refined during the course of time through many dharma saastras. From the Vedas came the astronomy which further expanded through astrology. From the Vedas came the itihasa based life of individuals + family + society + nation + mankind. From the Vedas came the knowledge of economics through arthasaastra. And from the Vedas came the science of archery, science of music, the science of health and the science of vaastu. From the Vedas the theme for the stories of Puranaas were taken. From the Vedas came the yaagaas of karma maarga. From the Vedas came the upanishadic philosophical pathways. From the Vedas came all the concepts of Indian spirituality. Unfortunately we never knew about this. We were (are) ignorant about Vedas and we are ignorant that we are ignorant about our heritage. We say Vedas belong to Hindus, even though Vedas never say so. Vedas belong to all the people world over particularly Indians. The Vedas are not written by Aryans but they are written for making everyone Aryans ( = great men). Ignorantly many say Vedas can be learned only by Brahmanas but the truth is that one should learn Vedas for becoming a Brahmana. We live in the hell of ignorance about Vedas and their messages.

What are the Vedas and what do they include?

The Vedas are four ancient collections of hymns and ritual from India.

How many Vedas are there in Hinduism?

There are four Vedas, The Rigveda, Yajurveda, Sāmaveda and Atharvaveda.

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