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What was the depth of the World War 1 trenches?

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3 feet deep- the depth of a grave

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In World War 1 what was the depth of trenches?

7 or 8 feet deep.

What does the trenches mean in World War 1?

they fought in the trenches ww1 was known as a war in the trenches

Who constructed the trenches in World War 1?

The soldiers built the trenches.

When did soldiers first start fighting in trenches during World War I?

world war 1 how did soldiers fight in trenches

How many men died in the trenches of World War I?

Over 200,000 men died in the trenches of World War 1.

Were there telephones in World War 1 trenches?


Who made the trenches in World War 1?

The soldiers themselves dug out the trenches.

How were World War 1 trenches built?

They used shovels and picks to dig out the trenches.

What was the trenches like in World War 1?

they were horrible

How many trenches were there in World War 1?


How were the trenches defended in World War 1?

by the soilders

Who dug the trenches in World War 1?

The soldiers.

How were the trenches made in World War 1?


How did the trenches work in World War 1?

They don't

Where did the World War 1 trenches stretch across?


What rules were there in the World War 1 trenches?


Where did soldiers live in world war 1?

in the trenches

Did the British have concrete in there trenches in world war 1?


What were loop holes in World War 1?


What hardships did soldiers of World War 1 endure?

they did do something if they didnt do what was comanded they were shot. They lived in trenches in knee depth or even waist height mud.

What was war like on land in world war 1?

trenches, shooting at each other, really bad conditions in the trenches.

When did the trenches first start?

the trenches first started in 1914, the start of world war 1.

What effect did trenches have on World War 1?

The use of trenches in World War I, made war last longer then it could've been. Trenches were a hard obstacle to overcome and required much time that's why war lasted longer.

How many people died in the trenches during World War 1?

Approximatly one million soldiers died in the trenches in world war one

What did the World War 1 English soldiers eat in the trenches?

British soldiers in world war 1 had 6oz

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