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What was the dominant religion in Georgia in colonial times?

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Many people were Anglicans, they accepted Puritans, Lutherans, and Quakers, and were not accepting of Catholics.

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Did Georgia Trade with Indians in colonial times?

Yes, Georgia traded with the Indians in Colonial times.

What kind of land does Georgia have during colonial times?

The land in Georgia in colonial times, is similar to the land in Georgia now

What was the dominant religion in north carolina in colonial times?

Anglican which is a type of Christianity where u go to church every day

How was the religion in South Carolina in the colonial times?

Religion was very good during Colonial times. As it is today.

In colonial times what was the buffer colony?


What are the agricultural products in Georgia at colonial times?


What did people from the colonial times grow in Georgia?


What was the daily life for farmers in the southern colony of Georgia?

The climate of Georgia in colonial times

Was religion in Georgia in colonial times important?

A lot of the colonists who were first sent to Gerogia were criminals. I learned that a few days ago in my U.S. History class.

What was New York's religion in colonial times?


What was the religion in colonial times Virginia?

Animism and Christianity.

In colonial times what country owned Georgia?

It was a British Colony.

What did people eat in Georgia colonial times?

fish and crops

What was the predominant Massachusetts religion?

During Colonial times the primary religion of Massachusetts was Puritan.

What is Connecticut's religion?

in colonial times, puritan was Connecticuts religeon.

What religion did Massachusetts have in colonial times?

They were Puritans from the Church of England.

What religion was practiced in Pennsylvania in the colonial times?

Mostly Christianity.

What were some fun actives in Georgia in colonial times?

throwing poo

Who was the leader of Georgia in colonial times?

It was John Charles Brown the third.

Religion for Delaware?

protestant was the religion they followed in Delaware colonial timessincerelyvladmir zotav

What was the major religion for the dutch in the colonial times?

dutch reformed- maybe.

What were the crops in Georgia during colonial times?

green corn, cotton, and rice.

How was education in colonial times influenced by religion?

In colonial times education was based entirely on the Bible. If you want an example take a look at the New England Primer.

Who are three famous people from the colonial times that lived in Georgia?

martin luther king

What type of clothing did people in Georgia eat in colonial times?

you can't eat clothes