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Although some New England farmers exported grain and livestock, many could barely feed themselves and their families because the poor soil made farming difficult. New Englanders therefore turned to alternative occupations. For instance, they engaged in trading with the West Indies, and developed fishing, small manufacturing, and shipbuilding industries.

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The economy in the British New England colonies centered around several areas of production. Here is some summary information regarding this:

A. Fishing was a large part of the NE Colonies;

B. Shipbuilding also was important;

C. Construction was a vital economic part of the NE Colonies;

D. Craftsmanship shops dealing with blacksmiths, copper cooking utensils, jewelry,

tailoring, newspaper jobs, and book publishing were vital parts of the growing economic base of the NE Colonies; and

E. Professional jobs in law, accounting and banking all helped the economy.

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Describe the economy in New England colonies?

the economy of the southern colonies.

How did the economy in New England compare to the economy of the Southern colonies?

New England had a much more diverse economy.

What was the economy like in the new England colonies?

the economy in the new England colonies are small farms , lumbering, fishing, ship building, and trade.

Economy of New England Colonies?

The economy of the New England colonies depended on their locations. Towns that were along the coast had an economy based on fishing, whaling, and the building of ships. Those people that were inland had an economy based on farming. The New England colonies were Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

What type of economy did new england colonies have?


On what was the economy of the new England colonies based?

The New England Colonies economy was based on items they could export. Farming, fishing, and building ships were all exportable and important to their economy.

What was the New England Colony based on?

The economy in the New England colonies was based on the forests and the oceans!

What role did fishing play in the economy of the New England colonies?


What were benefits for the New England colonies?

Final prosperity from the economy

Why did slaves have far less value in the Middle Colonies and the New England Colonies?

The slave economy was more leaning on the South rather than the Middle and the New England Colonies.

What was not a feature of the diversified economy of the New England colonies?

tobacco harvesting.

What was the economy of the New England colonies based?

what is it based on slave labor

What was the new england colonies economy based on?

nothing so... how you doin? ;)

The economy of the New England colonies was centered around?

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What was an important industry for the economy of New England colonies?

Growing tobacco

Why was the New Bedford Massachusetts important to the economy of the New England Colonies?

The economy of New England was based in trade and commerce. New Bedford was a port from which goods could be shipped and unloaded.

What did The New England colonies' economy rely heavily on?

There was shipbuilding all throughout the 13 colonies.

What is economics based on in the New England colonies?

New England Colonies Their economy was based on fishing, farming, and shipbuilding.A bonus answer is that their farming soil was rocky, and hard but not that bad.

How did the the New England colonies end up on the 17th century?

They had a diversified economy

What did the economy revolve around in the new England colonies?

mainly shilbuilding and fishing

What are the similarities between New England Colonies and Middle Colonies and southern colonies?

there are many answers for this, the economy is similar they all farmed with cattle and most had rum. also the south and the new England colonies both had the motivation for religious refuge for those from England.

What was the Economy of New England Middle and Southern colonies?

new England grew wheat etc middle colonies grew tobacco etc southern grew cotton etc

Describe the economy of the new england colonies?

The Northern New England Colonies contributed to the economy through manufacturing, and the people that lived in the towns along the coast supported themselves and the economy through fishing, shipbuilding, and whaling. The soil in most areas of the New England Colonies wasn't of the same quality as the Middle and Southern Colonies. Because of this, instead of growing cotton and wheat, they planted a lot of squash, pumpkins, beans, and corn.

How was the new England economy different from the southern colonies?

The New England economy was much different from that of the southern colonies because of the climate. In the North, it was cold, the soil was rocky and there were tons of trees. A profit couldn't be had from farming. Instead, the New England economy was based on lumber, ship building, and whaling. The south, being much warmer, was more conducive to an agricultural economy.

What was the economy of the new England colonies base on?

Answerer it YOUr self!! Use YOUur brain!