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Although some New England farmers exported grain and livestock, many could barely feed themselves and their families because the poor soil made farming difficult. New Englanders therefore turned to alternative occupations. For instance, they engaged in trading with the West Indies, and developed fishing, small manufacturing, and shipbuilding industries.

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The economy in the British New England colonies centered around several areas of production. Here is some summary information regarding this:

A. Fishing was a large part of the NE Colonies;

B. Shipbuilding also was important;

C. Construction was a vital economic part of the NE Colonies;

D. Craftsmanship shops dealing with blacksmiths, copper cooking utensils, jewelry,

tailoring, newspaper jobs, and book publishing were vital parts of the growing economic base of the NE Colonies; and

E. Professional jobs in law, accounting and banking all helped the economy.

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Q: What was the economy of the New England colonies?
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