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What was the education like in colonial Delaware?


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they got taught by books and farming


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The land of colonial Delaware was very fertile and was often used for farming and lumber.

colonial life in delawarein colonial delaware,fishing,hunting,blacksmith

yes there was churches in colonial Delaware

New Castle is the capital of colonial Delaware.

education in colonial new york wasn't that important

Colonlial Delaware was a cool place with colonists and native Americans.

wilmington and dover were very important in colonial delaware.

In the colonial days what did people earn in delaware

The soil in colonial Delaware was very fertile. Because of this, farming was a major industry. The main crops included grain, flax, rice, and indigo.

well i have the answer for that. Some recreation activities on colonial Delaware were singing, hunting, games, and some sports that are similar like the ones we have today.

Colonial Delaware made its money by fishing,lumbering, and shipbuilding

they did not grow crops in colonial Delaware because they had bad land

Yes colonial Delaware grew oranges as a crop. Vegetables, flax, grain and cattle were also major crops in colonial Delaware.

There are many recipes that come from colonial Delaware. You could make Colonial Stew, Colonial Apple Pie, Colonial Biscuits or Chile Con Carne colonial Style.

Delaware was colonized by the English, so the colonial language was English.

Social life in Colonial Delaware was a lot different than it is today. Some social activities that colonial people enjoyed were barn raising parties, quilting bees, and berry picking.

they learned by farming and by books

There were problems with some of the Native American Indians in Colonial Delaware. The Native Americans did not like being treated as slaves or having to move from their homelands to accommodate the Colonists.

Colonial Delaware had its own assembly, granted to it by William penn before it broke off from Pennsylvania.

Dutch, Swedish, English, Germans, and even Finnish settled in colonial Delaware.

Washington crossing the Delaware

Colonial Delaware had only one major city or town and that was the town of Wilmington. Wilmington was greatly established by Swedish immigrants in the Delaware Colony.

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