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What was the first US blue water navy called?

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Q: What was the first US blue water navy called?
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What is very dark blue called?

Navy blue or just dark blue.

Blue water Navy in Vietnam?

Although probably not used officially during the war, the "Blue Water Navy" was the opposite of the actual existing USN BROWN WATER NAVY of the Vietnam War. The Brown Water Navy was the US Navy's "Riverine Forces" (Swift Boats, Monitors, Alpha boats, PBRs, etc.). The Blue Water Navy was the (Real Navy?) aircraft carriers, battleship (USS New Jersey), heavy & light cruisers, and destroyers providing naval gunfire support from the gunline.

What is blue water policy?

"Blue Water" is Naval terminology for deep ocean, as opposed to littoral (coastal), riverine, or regional operations (Coast Guard, or Navy, depending on the mission). A "Blue Water Navy" is a Navy that has global operational or strategic capability - the U.S., Britain, France, Russia (barely) are all examples of nations having both a Blue Water Navy, and the maritime history of Naval operations to go with it. Blue Water policy refers to operations that involve open ocean scenarios, as opposed to littoral, riverine, or landlocked water operations.

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What two colors make navy blue?

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What is blue water navy?

I believe this refers to the Navy that serves in the Ocean as opposed to navy ships and personel that served on in-land rivers and waters.

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Have the US Navy Blue Angel jets flown Chicago?

Yes. The United States Navy Blue Angels flown over Chicago during the air and water show.

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