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What was the first computers purpose?


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The first computer ENIAC, was used to calculate trajectories and develop ballistic tables for Military Gunners to use. Computer was built at the University of Pennsylvania


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Computers can be classified into general purpose and special purpose computers. General purpose computers can be applied to a variety of tasks while special purpose computers are molded to suit a particular task.

Computers can be classified in 2 ways according to purpose. They are,1) General Purpose Computers (For normal day to day usage)2) Specific Purpose Computers (Computers built for a specific task)

Base on purposed, computers are either general purpose or special purpose. General purpose computers are meant for all manner of tasks while Special purpose computers are tailored for unique task.

so you can go on the PC then the internet and ask what is the purpose for inventing computers

Special purpose computers are generally faster and more efficient at certain types of operations than normal computers.

what are the different classifications of computers according to their purpose?

There are either special-purpose or general purpose computers.

Computers allow the exchange of information around the world.

Computers are classified according to purpose they are designed for.Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Mainframes, Super Computers etc.

These are dedicated, special-purpose computers. They are often entire computers on an single chip. In comparison to general purpose computers, they are less expensive and more reliable, since they are used only for limited tasks.

The purpose of NAS drives on computers is to act as a file server. It allows an individual or business to share files between a number of computers on that shared network.

Special purpose computers are designed to do specific kinds of jobs. A TV, a washing machine, an iPod etc. are all forms of computers, but they have only a small range of things that they can do, and are designed specifically to do them. A PC or a Mac and other types of computers, can do a huge amount of things. They can be used by different people for completely different kinds of jobs. They are general purpose computers.

ENIAC, short for Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer was the first general-purpose electronic computer. Hope this is helpfull

The purpose of the software "Registry First Aid" is to clean and fix registry errors on Windows computers. The software does an analysis of the registry and file system and will prompt the user for repairs to enhance speed.

Hard to say. Computers are complex machines that usually require teams of many people to make them. The first digital computers were designed and built in the late 1930s through middle 1940s. Some were electromechanical some were electronic. Some were special purpose some were programmable general purpose.

IBM mostly makes computers for business purpose and for developers.

The first embedded computers in automobiles were introduced on a limited basis in 1980 by GM, by 1981 all GM cars had them. The purpose of such computers was limited to engine control to reduce emissions to meet the tightening pollution regulations.Current models of automobiles can have over a dozen different embedded computers, each handling specialized tasks.

Multi-purpose computers are capable of doing lots of different things. A PC is a multi-purpose computer, whereas a washing machine is a computer that is designed specifically to do one thing. Multi-tasking computers can do lots of things at the same time.

I would guess it was probably the British special purpose programmable cryptographic computers called Colossus.

Heat sinks are very important components in computers. The purpose of heat sinks in computers is to keep the computer from overheating. The heat sink removes heat from the processor, keeping the processor cool.

The purpose of computers in the medical office is to keep records on all the patients and the procedures done to them as well as their credentials and their payment methods or if they are insured or not.

Types of Computer According to Function:Basically computer has two types according to their function:1. Special Purpose Computers:2. General Purpose Computers:1. Special purpose Computers: Types of Computer According to Function"Types of computers which are manufactured for specific task are called Special purpose Computers". These computers are also known as "Dedicated Computers" because these are designed for special jobs. In other words they are designed to handle specific problems. e.g. they are used in Computer Games, Control of Traffic Lights and in Defense System. A set of instruction permanent program feed to them. As they have to perform only one job so they are very fast.2. General Purpose Computers: Types of Computer According to Function"Types of Computers which can perform all types of jobs and can run all types of programs are called General Purpose Computers". Those computers are performing variety of jobs and use for General Purpose. For example with a personal computer a user can perform typing, can play games, can make graphics and can do arithmetic operations. General Purpose Computers are versatile but they are slow in processing and less efficient as compare to Dedicated Computers.

Mainframe computers are high-speed, multi-purpose machines that cost millions.

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