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What was the geography of colonial South Carolina?

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Salt marsh on the coast (with sandy beaches on the barrier islands); sand hills in the middle of the state, mountains in the northern part of the state - just like modern SC. About the only real difference is that the state used to be covered by old growth hardwood forests, where nowadays logging has cut those down and replaced them with pines.

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What are facts about colonial South Carolina?


What type of government did colonial South Carolina have?

The government in colonial South Carolina is a proprietery colony.They were proprietary like North Carolina, but later became a royal colony.

What are the 5 colonial colonies in the south?

Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia

What were the people of colonial South Carolina?

They were Dutch.

Colonial food South Carolina?

i can not tell you

Where was colonial South Carolina located?

in the southern

What region was colonial South Carolina?


Were there slaves in Colonial South Carolina?

Yes, there were.

What did colonial South Carolina wear?


When did colonial South Carolina become a royal colony?

South Carolina became a royal colony in 1729.

What buildings were there in Colonial South Carolina?

in South Carolina there were mainly plantations so lots of big houses.

What is the geography in South Carolina?

The geography in South Carolina is varied. It includes mountains, rolling hills, farmland, islands, plains, ridges, lakes, rivers, as well as extensive coastline.

What are the five themes of geography of North Carolina?

it`s between South Carolina and Alabama

What religions were practiced in colonial South Carolina?


Who could vote in Colonial South Carolina?


What resources did Colonial South Carolina have?

they are know for there rivers

What was the main religion in colonial South Carolina?


What did William Sayle do in colonial South Carolina?

govern it

What were the major cities of colonial of South Carolina?


What was South Carolina colonial and territorial days?


Did they have town meetings in colonial South Carolina?

yes they did

What did colonial South Carolina trade?

The colonial South Carolina economy was based on agriculture and trade. The basically traded in agricultural produce and slaves who provided manual labor.

Why should people have visited colonial South Carolina?

People came to South Carolina to get rich by growing tobacco.

What is the geography in colonial North Carolina?

Where in North Carolina? The geography of North Carolina in Colonial times was pretty much the same as it is today. The cities are larger, rural areas are reduced in size because of the encroachment of cities, but the mountains are in the same place, the coast is in the same place, the sandhills are in the same place, etc.

Was colonial south carolina a royal colony?

South Carolina was considered to be a royal colony. The royal period for South Carolina lasted between 1730 and the mid 1760s.