History of Germany

What was the history of germany before 1871?

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3 October 1990. Also in 1871. There are many parts in Germany history where they were reunified.

Before 1871 Germany consisted of several more or less independent states. The German states included four kingdoms: * Prussia * Bavaria * Saxony * W├╝erttemberg

Germany, and its predecessor states before unification in 1871

From 1871-1918 the head of state in Germany was the Emperor (Kaiser).

Berlin was the capital from 1871-1945.

Germany was formed in 1871. Before it was called Germany it was known as the Prussian Empire from 1701-1918 until the monarchy fell.

Germany was unified into one nation on January 18, 1871.

Germany was created in 1871.

Germany Germany was unified in 1871. Italy was unified between 1860 and 1871.

Germany has always been called Germany in English. Until 1871, when the country was first unified, the word was somewhat vague and until 1866 included Austria.

The German states were first unified as a (federal) nation-state in 1871. The new Germany was in many respects an expanded Prussia ... (Austria had been expelled from the German Confederation by Prussia in 1866). However, Germany had existed as a cultural nation long before 1871.

Germany was first unified in 1871. From 1815-1866 it consisted of 39 largely independent states. In 1792, before the invasions by Revolutionary France, Germany consisted of over 250 (!) states.

In 1871 modern Germany became a nation-state.

The regions of Alsace and Lorraine were taken by France from Germany in 1871.

Prussia - Northern Section Kingdom of Baden-Wurttenberg Kingdom of Bavaria Saxony-Coburg

Melinda Ann McRae has written: 'The social composition of the German Officer Corps, 1871-1926' -- subject(s): Germany, Germany. Heer, History, Military, Military History, Officers, Organization

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Germany was reunified in 1990. ___ Germany first became a nation-state in 1871.

18th of January 1871, in the Palace of Versailles.

he bocomes kaiser of Germany on 1871

Germany was official created in 1871. Berlin has always been the capital of the unified country. When it was split into East and West by Communism, Berlin was the capital of East Germany and the capital of West Germany was Bonn.

Germany was unified in 1871, following the Franco-Prussian War. King Wilhelm of Prussia was crowned Emperor (Kaiser) of Germany in the Palace of Versailles on 18 January 1871.

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