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What was the main cause that made Jews the great enemy of the Muslims?

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Muslims don't consider Jews enemies. Muslims believe in their holy book (Torah) and their prophet (Moses; peace be upon him). Muslims consider Jews as "people of the book". There are still many Jews residing and living in many Islamic countries without any discrimination or enmity.

However, Muslims may consider the Israelis as enemies because of the aggression and oppression that they exercise against the Palestinians and because of the massacres that they committed against them to drive them away from their lands in addition to what they doing in the AlAqsa Mosque that may lead to its destruction.

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When was the great divide in history regarding Muslims and Jews?

During the crusades

What is the cause of the conflict between the jews and muslims in the middle east?

The radical Muslims contention that Israel should not exist as a country.

Are there more Jews than Muslims?

There are over 100x more Muslims than Jews.

What foods are halal for jews?

Muslims and Jews don't eat pork. Muslims eat shellfish, but Jews don't.

What city in Israel has Jews and Muslims in it?

Every city in Israel has Jews and Muslims in it.

What do Jews christian and Muslims have one thing in common?

I would say Abraham. Wasn't he the Great Great Great............. Grand Farther of all of them?

When was the great divide in Islam history regarding Muslims and Jews?

The 1300's to 1800's.

Are Jews Christians or Muslims?

Jews are neither Christians nor Muslims. However, Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship same God. Refer to related question below.

Why is the Temple Mount likely to cause conflict between Jews and Muslims?

Both groups claim that area.

Which statement best describes why the city of Jerusalem was such a contested territory in the 20th century?

Both Jews and Muslims considered Jerusalem to be a holy city. - Apex

Are there more Jews in Europe than Muslims?

No, there are more Muslims living in Europe than there are Jews.

Was Paul an enemy of the Jews?

In his epistles, Paul was proud to describe himself as a Jew. He was a Jew, not an enemy of the Jews.

Why did the spanish Jews welcome the Muslin invasions?

Answer 1Possibly because initially, at last, Muslims were more tolerant of Jews than were early Christians, who maintained that the Jews had killed their Saviour.Answer 2Jews assisted Muslims in their conquests throughout the Rise of Islam period. A great example of this was when the Muslims captured the city of Cordoba. They approached the Jewish community, gave them weapons, and asked them to be the stewards of the city until the Conquest of Spain was complete. The Jews sided with the Muslims because pogroms under Muslim rule occurred far less than in Europe. Additionally, as Jews were not Christians, Muslims did not fear any Jewish insurrection whereas they did fear Christian insurrections, making the Muslims more open and trusting of Jews. Because of this Jews and Muslims had minimal confrontation in Islamic Empires.

What city do both Muslims and Jews consider holy?

Jerusalem is considered holy by Muslims, Jews, and Christians.

Can Muslims and Jews eat pork?

Neither Muslims nor Jews are allowed by their religions to eat pork.

Does the wailing wall belong to Muslims or Jews?


What Jewish belief are shared by christians and Muslims?

All Christians, Jews and Muslims believe in one God. For Christians and Jews it is YHWH, for Muslims Allah.

Do jews have mosques?

No. Mosques are used by Muslims as their place of worship, not by Jews. Jews pray in synagogues.See also:More about Jewish prayer and synagogues

Who is involved in this conflict?

Christans , Jews, Muslims, Non Muslims

What is a book of ancient writing sacred to the Jews Christians and Muslims?

Jews: Torah Christians: Bible Muslims: Qur'an

Where do Muslims group and Jews worship?

Muslims perform group ritual prayers in Mosque (Masjid) and the Jews in synagogue.

What is considered a holy city by Jews and Muslims?

Jerusalem is considered Holy by Jews, Christians, & Muslims alike. For Jews, it is where their temples were built; for Christians it was where Christ Rose from the Dead; for Muslims, it is where Muhammad a dream where he ascended to Heaven.

What is the place of pilgrimage for Jews Christians and Muslims?

Modern Jews don't go on pilgrimage. For Christians, it is Jerusalem. For Muslims it is Mecca

Is the Old Testament common to Jews Christians and Muslims?

The old testament is common for Jews and Christians and not Muslims. However, Torah that is part of the old testament is common to Muslims.

How do Muslims see Christians and Jews?

Muslims see Jews and Christians as "people of the book" because they are holders of the holy books Torah and the Bible that Muslims believe in their divinity.