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To settle in India & govern over Indian masses.

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One of the main causes of the high price of tea in the American colonies was the monopoly held by the East India company. what is the effect?

the east india company sold more tea

What was the main goal of the union army in the east?

The main goal of the Union army in the east was to not be defeated by the Confederacy. This was the main goal of the entire Union Army from 1861 to 1864.

What was the main reason that the Dutch East India Company was established in 1602?

To create a monopoly in trade with Asia and Africa.

Who took place in the tea act?

The colonist and the East India Tea Company were the main character in the Tea Act

Is Buddhism the main religion east of India?


What are the main people of the sepoy rebellion?

I'm not positive, but Robert Clive was the leader of the British East India Company so he might have been involved.

What was the purpose of Subsidiary Alliances?

The main purpose of Subsidiary Alliance first used by Lord Wellesley was to make the English the paramount power in India. It helped the East India Company to extend the areas under the British control in India.

Where is the xbox main company located at?

Mostly in india

What is the East West extent of India?

The total area of India is 32,87263 sq. km.The East West maximum distance of main land of India is 3,000 km.

What was Henry Hudson's main goal?

Short cut from Europe to far east

What is the main religion east of India?

Most of them are Hindu and that's like of the main religion in Indiaaa.

Is there a separate company for buying Dell laptops in India?

No there is not a separate company. There is a separate branch of the main Dell company. That branch is just known as Dell India.

What was Mohandas Gandhi's main goal?

His goal was to improve immigrant Indians and Hindus rights and to bring freedom to India in a nonviolent way.

What is human resources approach is developmental?

This actually differs from company to company. It is all about the main goal of the company as to their human resource approach.

What was Louis XIV main military goal?

reach frances natural borders particularly to the east

Where is the Xbox company?

They have many side companies, but the main location is in India.

What is the river that flows across northern India east to the bay of Bengal?

The Ganga or Ganges is the main river that flows across northern India to the east and empties into the Bay of Bengal.

What are the goals of Gandhi?

Gandhi's main goal was to see India independant. And promote love among indians.

What was the main goal of Christopher Columbus's voyage to the New World?

Finding a new route to the Far East

The main reason for british colonization of Singapore was to obtain the use of what?

The main reason that Sir Stamford Raffles of Britain decided to colonize Singapore in 1819 is because it had a great natural harbor that could be used for trade by the East India Company.

What is a Mission statement for a fashion brand?

A mission statement can be a main goal for a company or bussiness. Many missions statements start with the words "Our goal" or "We believe."

What are some main tourist points in north east India?

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What was the main trade among the people of east Africa Arabia Persia and India?

The Indian Ocean

Why do companies change to global company?

The main reason is to expand the company, to have new challenges to help grow the company to reach it's goal of financial stability and growth.

Where is the main office of World Health Organization in India?

The headquarters of WHO Regional Office for South East Asia (SEARO) is in New Delhi, India.