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What was the main purpose of the Bill of Rights?


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The main purpose of the Bill of Rights was to guarantee the individual rights of citizens under the Constitution.


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The main purpose of the Bill of rights, was to protect individuals from government abuse.

The english bill of rights was made to protect english citizens from government abuse.

it spells out freedom to individual citizens

The original purpose of the Bill of Rights was to protect the rights of citizens and to limit government power. The Bill of Rights is in the Constitution.

The purpose of the bill of rights was to ensure public confidence and prevent incorrect and unlawful behavior.

The overall perpose of the bill of rights is to spell out the rights of the citizens.

They wanted more rights for the people. The Bill of Rights was designed and called for its purpose.

A bill of Rights guarantees the citizens of a democracy inalienable personal and civil rights.

This first ten amendments were added to guarantee unalienable rights that the Constitution left out. The are identical to the Bill of Rights, because many states would not ratify the Constitution without the rights provided from the Bill. Therefore, the main purpose was simply to ratify the Constitution.

to protect the rights of the citizens of the US

The main purpose of the Revolutionary War was to bring about a less repressive, fairer form of government. The Bill of Rights was therefore very appropriate as a means of creating a better government.

The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution. The purpose and meaning of the Bill of Rights as it emerged from the ratification process, was to preserve the liberties England's revolution laws threatened.

It provided basic rights and there was an expectation of one in the country

It served as a Bill of Rights and a justification for revolution.

The main thrust of the most of the amendments enacted in the Bill of Rights have to do with personal freedoms.

for the rights of all americans

The main argument that was made in favor of the Bill of Rights was that it would guard against the emergence of a tyrannical government. The anti-Federalists, in particular, fought to have the Bill of Rights included in the Constitution.

To establish the rule of law.

To achieve Civil Rights for African-Americans.

Give veterans help in starting businesses or paying for educational expenses.

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