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To decide what shall be done with Africa....that would make an agreement based on whatever nation whom wanted to own a part of Africa would proclaim it and therefore aviod wars or fights.

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Q: What was the major decision of the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885?
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Who called the berlin conference?

German chancellor Otto von Bismark was the one who called all the major western powers in the Berlin Conference.

What major power was not invited to the 1884 Berlin West Africa Conference?

Japan in 1884 was considered to be a world power. It was not, however, invited to the Berlin West Africa Conference.

What was the major problem of the Berlin Conference?

It ignored indigenous cultural affiliations in Africa.

What 4 countries were major players in the Berlin conference?

USA, UK, France and Soviet Union were the 4 major players.

Two outcomes of the Berlin conference in 1884 and 1885?

There were two major outcomes of the Berlin conference of the 1884 and 1885. First is that the European nations were united and the second outcome was the rules that were set up on how to each would get a share of African countries to colonize.

What happened at Berlin conference in 1884-1885?

The major Western imperliar powers came together to divide the territory of Africa peacefully instead of going to war.

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What was one major outcome of the 1884 Berlin Conference?

Europeans were able to colonize Africa without fighting with one another.

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