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What was the most common civil war weapon?


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The most common weapon for soldiers in the Union and the Confederacy was the musket (rifle of sorts ).

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During the US Civil War one weapon was the most used one by the Union infantry. This was the 1861 Model of the Springfield rifle.

The most common method was with artillery.It is NOT a biological weapon, it is a chemical weapon.

I dont know check a different web sight

The most common one that was used as a weapon in World War 1 is called the Artillery

it was the mini ball IMPROVEMENT The repeating rifles and carbines.

The most common weapon in the revolutionary war, for Americans, was the Muzzle-loaded musket. Trickling down from that, would be the Brown Bess, Charleville, and the Pennsylvania Rifle. (Mainly because they were the first weapons used.)

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BB guns like m16 m4A1 And pedro for a cannon

There were many codes used in the civil war, but the most common one was the quilt code.

The gatling gun was invented by Richard Gatling in 1861 (it was a common weapon in the American civil war, i must add).

There can be hundred of reasons of civil war. The most common reason is the community rights and party own interest.

Canons, muzzle loader, and revolvers

The Union held the advantage by a wide margin.

Virginia had the most Civil War battles.

Perhaps the most common was the French Charleville flintlock musket in .69 caliber.

Either artillery, machine guns, or the rifles and bayonets of common soldiers.

The Lee enfield rifle was the most common as it was cheap, had cheap ammo and could fire far and quite fast.Hope this helped :)

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