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I belive are the Hospitallers, they had properties in quite all of Europe after they "inherit" templars properties, and their order was made before the templars.

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I meant to say said from a passage "French knights formed the knight hospitalers".

The Knights Templar, an order forged during the crusades that were disbanded for heresy in the 15th century.

The Knights Templar were the most powerful military monastic order which took part in the Crusades. The Knights Templar were formed from several groups of knights by Hugh de Payens for the express purpose of protecting Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land.

Yes. The Knights Templar were Germanic, the originated as a Christian religious order of Knights who fought in the Crusades and they were originally from the Western portion of Germany near the Rhine river. Towards the end to after the crusades, a few of the members of the Knights Templar moved into France, and expanded the order to France. The Knights Templar originated from the Teutonic order of Knights, and the Knights Hospitaller who were both famous, yet powerful, Christian groups who were from Germany. The Knights Templar still are around today but are referred to as just "Templars" or "Free Masons."

R. V. Harris has written: 'The Crusades, The Order of the Temple and of The Hospital of St. John' -- subject(s): Crusades, History, Knights of Malta, Secret societies, Templars

Terence V. Powderly was the Grand Master Workman of the Knights of Labor, during the height of the movement. Originally called the Noble and Holy Order of the Knights of Labor, the words Noble and Holy Order were dropped in 1882 to avoid any resemblance to freemasonry.

The Knights of Malta or Knights Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem were a western military order during the Middle Ages. Founded in 1099 in Jerusalem. It is the worlds oldest surviving chivalric order. Headquarters in Palazzo Malta in Rome. The motto is Protecting the Roman Catholic Church and serving those in need.

Popes King Vassal / nobles Knights Serfs / peasants

The duration of Knights of the Teutonic Order - film - is 2.77 hours.

The Order of St John is widely believed to have been started in the year 1080 in Jerusalem. This was during the First Crusade where St John members were known as the Knights Hospitallers (or Knights of St John). The Order of knights worked closely with the Knights Templar and provided assistance to injured soldiers and pilgrims during the Holy Wars. The Order of St John was later sanctioned by Her Majesty Queen Victoria and made a Royal Order of Chivalry with a Royal Charter. Even today, the Order of St John is one of the oldest and most well known organisations around the world.

By the time of the Crusades, most of Europe was converted to Christianity. Since the point of this series of wars was to recover the Holy Land of Jerusalem, the Europeans were anxious that they would have the land where their savior Jesus Christ was crucified. Europe wasn't affected much at all. It was the Knights Templar and the Pope that were affected. The Pope had to disband the order of the Templar because of many confessions that they commited acts of herecy within the order. Therefore the Knights Templar dissolved. Europe in a whole wasn't affected, however its foundations were.

No one person founded the Knights Templar, But it was created by the Christian church of England in order to fight against the Muslim invaders and after the crusades (war between Christians and Muslims) they were disbanded because the king believed they were becoming richer then himself because they would keep the treasures of their enemies.

An "Order of Knights" is a particular group of them, under the same rules and organization. Historically, there were a number of Orders of Knights: The Knights Templar, the Knights Hospitallers, the Teutonic Knights and so on. The Knights of Columbus emulate these organizations. It's the same concept as Monastic Orders like Benedictines, Carmelites and so on.

The Knights of Columbus bear no resemblance whatsoever to the Masonic Order.

No, they were a catholic military order, similar to Templars or Knights of Malta. Official name of Teutonic Knights is Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem.

Knights of the Teutonic Order - film - was created on 1960-07-15.

There were (among others):Teutonic OrderKnights HospitallierKnights TemplarOrder of St. LazarusOrder of Santiago

The United States most recently. The first of the ten crusades was started by order of the Pope.

The only relation between the Knights Templar and the Knights of Columbus are that both organizations are/were approved by the Catholic church, members must be Catholic, and they both use the word Knight. There are no organizations that can legitimately claim the heritage through ancestry to the original order. The order was disband by the church. The Order of the Knights of Malta are the closest in relation and other organizations with the titles of the Knights Templar only do so out of honour and respect. You can read more about the Knights of Columbus at

the order is king lord knights peasants or serfs

When studying the crusades and the beginning of it, religion was perhaps the greatest factor. Roman Catholic Europe wanted to restore Christian control of the Holy Land, which the Muslims had rule over and used religious beliefs in order to sanction the campaigns.

Knights were considered as skillful soldier who did battle for honor. However, knights also fought for their country in order to get paid.

christopher columbus is the last templar knight, and the knights of columbus is a legendary chivalric noble order...

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