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The Eastern Front

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What was the nickname of the battle lines between Germany and Russia during world war 1?

The Eastern Front

What was the name for the battlefield between Germany and Russia?

The name of the battlefield that was between German and Russia is called the Rzhev. The Rzhev was also referred to as the meat grinder during WWII because the battle was at its peak in the area.

How did Stalingrad battle effect Germany?

The battle of Stalingrad bled the Germany army dry in Russia. This battle was fought during the winter of 1942 to 1943.ÊThe Germany army was in full retreat after this defeat.

What was the name given to the battle lines between Russia and Germany during World War 1?

Eastern Front, which took place in Central and Eastern Europe.

Where did USSR fight during World War 2?

Mostly at the border of Germany/Russia. Germany came far into Russia's territory, but Russia was able to push them back. An example of a battle that took place would be the Battle of Stalingrad.

What happened in stalingard during World War 2?

Russia won the battle over Germany and was a huge blow to Germany. This also was a major turning point during WW2.

Was Russia a member of the Axis power during World War 2?

Nope. Hitler broke the treaty between Germany and Russia. I forgot the name of the treaty, but it states basically that Germany won't attack Russia, and Russia won't attack Germany..something along those lines if I am an ounce correct. Hitler attacked Russia, which broke the treaty, leading Joseph Stalin(Leader of Russia at the time) to join the Allies..and battle against the Axis powers(Germany, Italy, Japan.)

Where did russia and Germany sign the peace treaty in 1918?

The peace treaty between Germany and Russia during World War I was signed in Brest, Russia (After the Soviet Union split, Brest is now in Belarus).

What was the Battle line between France and Germany?

The Maginot Line was the battle line between France and Germany. The French built the line of concrete fortifications, obstacles, and weapons installations along their border with Germany during the 1930's.

During World War 2 what country did Russia and Germany secretly agree to divide between them?


What was the Peninsula that both Russia and Germany wanted to control?

The peninsula that both Russia and Germany wanted to control during the Russo-Japanese War was the Liaotung Peninsula. It is located between China and Korea.

Is russia part of Germany?

During world war 2, the USSR lost atleast 35% of it land to germany during the battles between June 1941- february 1943

Who won between Germany and Britain during World War 2?

Well Germany and Britain werent the only ones fighting but if its the Battle of Britain then the Brittish won that battle.

Who was the czar in World War 1?

During WWI the Czar of Russia was Nicolas Romanov II. He was the cousin of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany; this lead to unrest between Russia and Germany as the war progressed.

Name given to the battles lines between Russia and Germany during world war 1?

Eastern Front

How did Germany lose Russia as an ally during World War 1?

== == Russia and Germany were never allies during World War I. They were on opposite sides from the beginning.

What military tactics did Austria Hungary use during World War 1?

Ausria Hungary did not have a battle plan in ww1, the only counties with battle plans were Russia, France and Germany.

What was the battle of Dunkirk?

The battle of Dunkirk took place on a beach in Dunkirk, France during WW2. The Battle of Dunkirk, the battle in the Second World War between the Allies and Germany

Did Germany have a pack with Russia?

No, rather the Soviet Union (Russia during WW2 and the Cold War) was against Nazi Germany.

In which year was Russia attacked by Germany during World War 2?

Germany invaded Russia on June 22, 1941

Was Russia controlled or gained by Germany during World War 2?

Parts of the USSR (Russia) were occupied by Germany during the war, but at no point did Germany formally annex or obtain any part of the USSR.

What was turning point battle in russia during World War 2?

Battle of Stalingrad.

How did Germany lose Russia as an ally in World War 1?

Germany and Russia were enemies during WWI. I wonder if you're thinking of WW2?

Germany and Russia during the interwar period?

Um... true?

When did Germany invade Russia?

World War 1 Germany invaded Russia in 1917 after Russia backed out of the war. World War 2 Germany invaded Russia during the Second World War on June 22, 1941 Operation Barbarossa