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The temples were called Ziggurats! The answer came from one of Mrs.O's students. BLUE CREW Answer: ZIGGURATS

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Q: What was the name of the Sumerian temple?
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Tall sumerian temple?

a ziggurat

What was Sumerian temple called?


What role did the temple play in sumerian saciety?

the ziggurat

What is the sumerian government?

earkiest government were controlled by the temple priests

What are Ziggurats?

A large temple located in the centers of Ancient Sumerian cities.

What was the temple called that was located at the center of each Sumerian city?

A Ziggurat.

How did the Sumerian's practice polytheism?

They worshiped there gods in a ziggurat an ancient Mesopotamian temple

At the center of each sumerian city-state was a temple called a?

it was called a ziggurat

How was the ziggurat used in sumerian cities?

The ziggurat was used as a temple for worship to the gods.

What was at the center of the most Sumerian cities?

Ziggurats, a pyramid-shaped temple tower.

Use ziggurat in a sentence?

A ziggurat is a pyramid shaped temple tower that rose above each Sumerian city

What has the author Edward Chiera written?

Edward Chiera has written: 'Sumerian epics and myths' -- subject(s): Sumerian Mythology, Sumerian language, Sumerian literature, Texts 'Les tablettes Babyloniennes' 'Selected temple accounts from Telloh, Yokha and Drehem' -- subject(s): Texts, Sumerian language, Sumerian Names, Accounting, Akkadian language, Temples 'Lists of personal names from the Temple School of Nippur' 'Sumerian religious texts' -- subject(s): Sumerian language, Texts, Texts and translations 'Lists of Personal Names from the Temple School of Nippur: A Syllabary of Personal Names (Publications of the Babylonian Section : Vol 11-1)' 'Old Babylonian contracts'

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