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What was the number of deaths in world war 2?

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2009-06-07 08:25:17

A completely accurate World War 2 Death Count is an

impossibility. Any figures that you see are going to reflect the

sources and methodology of the author. Most published figures

are between 50 million and 75 million. In some nations, the number

of civilian deaths was far higher than the number of military

deaths. China had roughly 10 million civilians slaughtered;

civilian deaths in Poland, Germany and elsewhere included millions

of death camp inmates. Massacres and death camps resulted in over a

million civilians dead in Yugoslavia. Japan's total losses are

thought to have been between 2 and 3 million. The USSR's total

losses (perhaps 20 million) were a staggering 14-15% of the

population. It is widely agreed that the largest numbers of

military deaths were troops of the USSR (over 10 million troops

dead) and Germany (3 to 5 million troops dead). All together there

may have been as many as 25 million military deaths and nearly 50

million civilian deaths. Roughly 15 to 20 million of those

civilians were victims of systematic Nazi murders using death camps

or outright massacres.

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