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What was the official name of the Gulf of Tonkin resolution?

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The official name of the Gulf of Tonkin resolution was the Southeast Asia resolution. It passed unanimously in the House of Representatives and in the Senate only two senators voted against it. They were senators Wayne Morse and Ernest Gruening.

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Name 2 gulfs in Asia?

The Persian Gulf & the Gulf of Tonkin.

What country has a gulf?

The US has a "Gulf of Mexico." Vietnam has a "Tonkin Gulf." To name a few.

What was the name given to the us backed invasion?

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution enabled the United States to conduct military operations in Vietnam without declaring war. This resolution was enacted by Congress at the behest of then President Johnson.

The name of the ship that was involved in the bay of tonkin resolution was what?

Gulf of Tonkin (not "Bay"), the USS Maddox, a WWII Sumner class destroyer. Second incident involved the same warship plus a newer 1950s built Sherman class destroyer named the USS Turner Joy.

Is Gulf countries a common or proper noun?

The noun 'gulf' is a commonnoun unless it is the name of a specific gulf.In the term 'gulf countries', the noun 'gulf' is used as an adjective (a function called an attributive noun) to describe the common noun 'countries'.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, or thing. For example:Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain are PesianGulf countries.China and Vietnam are the Gulf of Tonkincountries.

What is the birth name of Edward Tonkin?

Edward Tonkin's birth name is Edward Martin Tonkin.

Does phoebe tonkin have a sister?

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What is Phoebe Tonkin's parents name?

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Which is the official name of Pakistan?

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the official name of Pakistan. Pakistan was named as Islamic Republic in 1956 by a unanimous resolution in National Assembly of Pakistan.

Who is Phoebe Tonkin's Parents?

Phoebe's Mother's name is Jannyfer Tonkin (Stone) and Father's name is Nicholas Tonkin.

What ocean lies next to Vietnam?

The Gulf of Tonkin, the Gulf of Thailand and the East Vietnam Sea. the map probably will appear as South China Sea but since the sea is belong to Vietnam, i believe the name also have to follow viet's culture.

Does phoebe tonkin have a middle name?

yes it's saphire^^untrue, her full name iss Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin

What is the nation on a peninsula that extends into the Persian gulf?

The nation is Qatar (full official name the State of Qatar) .

What is the full name Phoebe Tonkin's?

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What is another name for the Persian Gulf?

The other name for the Persian Gulf is the Arabian Gulf

What did the gulf of tonkin do?

Changed Vietnam from a guerrilla war into a conventional war when conventional US combat troops were deployed there in March 1965 & and the bombing of North Vietnam commenced under the code name of ROLLING THUNDER.

Is the proper name the Persian Gulf or the Arabian Gulf?

Persian Gulf is the more common name. Arabian Gulf is used exclusively by Arabs.

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