What was the reason for using the atomic bomb?

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The reason why the US used the atomic bomb against Japan was that the US wished to bring the war to a more rapid conclusion, in order to avoid giving the Soviet Union the opportunity to invade and take over Japan, as the Soviet Union had already done in Eastern Europe as a by-product of their fight against the Third Reich.
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Reason for using the atomic bomb?

Was using the Atomic Bomb a good idea? Yes, it was. It ended the war and actually saved many lives. If we didn't use the bomb on the Japanese they could have killed many of

What were Truman's reasons for using the atom bomb?

Truman said at the time that it was the right thing to do, afterfirst being informed of the existence of the Manhattan Project andcarefully studying the question. He believed

Reason for not using the atomic bomb?

If the tested bomb had not worked it is likely they would have tried dropping the other bombs. . If Japan had surrender prior to the dates the bombs were to be dropped then t

Why was the atom bomb used on japan reason?

Because Japan said they would kill every allied POW if allied forces invaded, The Americans beleved them and atom bombed them into submission.

What was the reason using the atomic bomb?

The over-riding concern for the United States was to minimize American lives. After the conquering of Okinawa, that killed and wounded over 40,000 marines and soldiers, it was
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What the reason for using the atomic bomb?

The reason for using the Atomic Bomb in WWII was to prevent an invasion of the Japanese homeland. If the U.S. would have invaded the Japanese homeland there would have been mo
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What are the reasons against using the atomic bomb?

It was believed that there would be far fewer casualties in the long run by ending the war with up to three atomic bomb attacks on Japanese industrial centers as opposed to se