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First of all their was not a relationship.... it was an institution. The feeling about this institution was both mixed and accepted. It probably was accepted because the Christian world did not speak out openly against it. And during this period of our American history, it was not clearly understood about the negative aspects, that was to come out of slavery.

Slavery and the issues that it brought up were huge....... When something is institutionalized, it becomes a part of you. And slavery became a large part of the American foundation from the South to the North.

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What is sectional division over slavery?

Sectional division over slavery was part of what led to the Civil War. Both 'sections' of the country, the North and South, were vehement with their opinions about slavery. This led to both parts of the country feeling separated and only worrying about the desires of their 'section' and not thinking like a country as a whole.

What were the sectional differences between the north and south?

the north banned slavery while the south allowed it

What were the events that increased sectional tensions between 1840 and the beginning of the civil war?

the Mexican American Warstates rights and slavery. but how did they increase the sectional tensions??

What are some possible result of the growing sectional debate over slavery?

A possible result of the growing sectional debate over slavery would be states seceding.

What is the relationship between the slave trade and racism?

slavery is a form the point view of its relationship to racism, which means slavery bring about racism.

What were the sectional differences developed in the us?

The South and the North.

What three issues began to divide the nation into sectional interests?

Tariffs, land, and slavery divided the nation into sectional interests.

What is the relationship between slavery and cotton production?

Cotton production could not have been done profitably without slavery.

How was slavery a sectional issue before 1820?

Most white Americans saw slavery as mainly a local issue

A present and past relationship between the Atlantic slave trade?

There is no slavery today therefore there is no present relationship with the past.

What are some possible results of the growing sectional debate over slavery?

Some possible results of the growing sectional debate over slavery include humanitarian results. For example, when people treat others fairly, all will be educated and respected and slavery will stop growing.

What would have allowed slavery in kansas which widened sectional divisions?

Freeport Doctrine

Why did the US Congress agree to the Missouri Compromise?

To address the sectional conflict over slavery

What effect did the compromise of 1850 have on sectional differences?

It settled most differences over slavery.

Relationship between Cash Crop and Slavery?

The relationship, was that slaves were needed to harvest the crops, so the plantation owner could get his profit from them.

What was the relationship between the blues and slavery?

the relationship between the blues and the slaves is that slaves gathered in groups during the night to play music. This music beame know as the blues.

The Wilmot Proviso changed American politics by doing what?

Politicizing slavery as a national and a sectional issue

What were the most fundamental issues causing the sectional crisis and threatening to split the Union in 1850?


Why free soilers were against slavery?

because it was a threat to their industries. The competition for slaves in the west would damage the sectional balance between the Northern and Southern territories of the united states. they didnt want to abolish slavery where it was, they just didnt want it to spread.

What was the relationship between increased cotton production in the south and the growth of slavery?

There is a direct relationship. The more cotton that was grown, the more slaves were required to pick it.

What impact did slavery have on the relationship between Texas and the US especially with regard to the annexation of Texas to the US?


What are some subtopics for slavery?

Child Slavery Women and Slavery Owner/Slave Relationship Slave/ Domestic Servant Relationship The Middle Passage The Underground Railroad

Why did sectional differences grow in the 1820s?

Because of regional differences, especially those concerning the issue of slavery

What was the relationship between the cotton gin and the growth of slavery in the south?

Simple. Once the cotton gin was invented workers were needed to work on the plantations. Therefore, slavery happened.

A set of laws that regulated slavery and defined the relationship between enslaved Africans and free people?

Slave code

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