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Before the entrance of USA in WW II, Britain was the biggest contributor to the overall war effort. British forces fought in almost all the war theaters. Their participation was specially very important in European theater, North Africa, South East Asia and Pacific theater.

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Q: What was the role of British men in World War 2?
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British history 1550-1650 plus role of men?

british history 1550-1650 role of men

What were womens role after World War 2?

they were more free to do the work of men like when they were at war they were more free to do the work of men like when they were at war

What role did the Colonies play in fighting in the French and Indian War?

They took the side of the British and men enlisted in the British army. One of these was George Washington who was a British officer.

How many men went to fight in world war two?

2 Million British men were ordered to fight.

How many people died in the british army in world war 2 and world war 1?

combined : over 30,000 brave men

What role was the US during World War 2?

Industrial production of men and material.

What is a woman's role in the 1920s?

they took the jobs of men who were fighting in world war 1

What was the number of British troops in World War 2?

100 000 men were deployed

What did British women do during World War 1?

When the men had left for war, British women took over many mens jobs. The women made all the artillery for the war.

What was role of navy women in world war 2?

To help the Navy men with ships and supplies and duties to win the war

What was the role of he women during World War 1?

all the men had to go to war, so the women had to take the jobs of the men. so they actually got work and decent jobs. this was their biggest role during ww1

Women's Role in World War 1?

Women were viewed as the caregivers because the men were gone.

What role did the US have in World War 2?

Providing overwhelming men and material against the axis.

Irelands role in world war 1?

Irish men fought for the English army in ww1

What role did men have in world war 2?

Men were soldiers during the war. Men were conscirpted during world war 2 due to the excessive need for soldiers in the war. However men who had 'preoccupied occupations' were not conscipted as their jobs were of high status and value hence they were required to continue in their fields for the survival of the country. Men fought in combat, they were on the actual battle lines.

What Middle-Eastern countries were at war during World War 2 and who were they battling?

Vietnam was fighting in the war with Russia, and Russia was battling the British men.

What role American women played during World War 2?

Women worked in factories and industries while the men were in the war.

What was boys role in Germany during World War 2?

boys or men men-to fight in the war to save there country boys-to evacuate!

How many british soldiers fouhgt in World War 1?

About six to seven million soldiers of England fought in World War I. Over 800,000 of those men died in that war.

How many British soldiers died in World War 1?

British war dead in World War 1 (1914-1918): About 880,000 men from the United Kingdom, plus a further 200,000 from other countries in the British Empire and Commonwealth. (Over 6 million Russian soldiers died.)

How many British men died during World War 1?

During World War I, between 702,917 and 888,246 men fighting for the United Kingdom were killed or died from extenuating circumstances during the war. This is compared to 123,829 civilian deaths.

How many British men born in 1895-6 were still alive after World War 1?


How did World War 2 weaken Britain?

World War two stopped the economy for 5 years, it caused the loss of thousands of British men. It put Britain severely in debt.

How many men were shot for cowardist in world war 1?

There were just over 300 soldiers shot for cowardice and desertion in World War I. These were British and Commonwealth soldiers.

Role of Italian Women and Children in World War 2?

women would run and control the family business whilst the men are at war