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Russia was an ally of the western powers (the good guys)until the war ended then things changed. Joseph Stalin wanted to control all of Germany. To do this he put up what was know as the Berin blockade (Russia Occupied all the land around Berlin) trying to force the USA and it's allies to give in and give him control of Berin. The allies developed what was called the Berin air lift, they flew supplies, food, fuel,medical,clothing and everything else that Berlin needed, into Berlin on an around the clock basis until Stalin opened the corridor. This was the beginning of the cold war that lasted into modern times. I believe it was President Reagan that was in office when the cold war ended. Until about 1941 i think, the USSR as it was known then was actually allied with the Nazis until it was attacked without warning by the Nazis under Hitler's dreams of a world without communists and vast living space for Germany. During WW2 Russia by far made the biggest sacrifice, it had no choice, the Nazis were fighting a war of extermination, believing the communists to be sub human they would not stop till they were all dead or captured. The USSR lost around 20 million people (about the current population of Tokyo), this was mainly because the USSR was the most incompetent fighting force ever, it is estimated that of 90% of USSR soldiers who died didnt even have a gun. The whole time they relied on the fact that they could just overwhelme the Nazis and eventually just grind them down. During the war the USSR delivered the largest blow to the Nazis, at the beginning they lost many men in Josef Stalin's 'not a step back' policy, then they turned the tide at Stalingrad and begun the long bloody push back to Berlin. Although most of the credit of winning the war goes to the USA and Britain, they did little compared to the USSR and this can be ssen by the fact that the Nazis had about three times as many men fighting the USSR then America and Britain on the Western Front.

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Q: What was the role of Russia in World War 2?
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What was Josef Stalin's role in World War 2?

He was the president of Russia.

What was the atomic bombs role in World War 2?

USA, Russia, and Germany.

What role did joseph Stalin have during world war 2?

Stalin was the leader of Russia .

What effect did the Russian revolution have on World War 2?

It had none on World War II, but it led to the end of Russia's involvement in World War I. Several months after the Revolution, Russia and the Central Powers signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk ending Russia's role in the war.

What was Stalin role in world war 2?

Josef Stalin was the leader of Russia throughout the Second World War and ruled until his death .

Who was the leader of Russia in World War 2?

Joseph Stalin was the leader of Russia in World War 2.

Relationship between America and Russia in world war 2?

In world war 2 Russia and America were allies, against Germany

What was Prussia's part during world war 2?

Well, Prussia's part during World War II was nothing... Russia played a huge role in WWII

When did the Germans retreat from Russia in the World War 2?

During the world war 2

Did Russia fight against Germany in World War 2?

Yes, Russia did fight against Germany in World War 2 with England and USA on Russia's side.

Was Germany and Russia neutral in World War 2?

No. Germany started World War 2 in Europe and remained at war till the World War 2 ended. Germany attacked the Soviet Union in June 1941, and the latter played a key role in defeating Germany.

What was it like in Russia during World War 2?

The Germans were stealing from Russia. Russia was a Allie in the world war 2, but still got invaded. The Germans took over.

What was Lenin's role during World War 2?

Lenin had no role in World War 2. He had died in 1924 about 15 years before World War 2 started.

How did Germany attack Russia in World War 2?

They attacked russia with blitzkrieg(lighting war)

Did Lithuania fight in World War 2?

Lithuania did fight in World War 2 but it was part of Russia.

How was the role different after the world war 2?

The role of what?

Was Russia already at war before World War 2?

No, Before the German attack on Russia it was not in WW2.

When did russia declare war on Germany in World War 2?

It was Germany who declared war on Russia on June 22 1941

What was the unemployment rate of Russia after World War 2?


What condition in russia led to them withdrawing from World War 2?

Russia didn't withdraw from World War 2. They were in the fight until it was over. In World War 1, Russia broke into a civil war, referred to as the Russian Revolution, causing the Communists to take over Russia, creating the Soviet Union.

Why didn't russia fight in World War 2?

They did fight in world war 2. The Russians first where apart of the axis forces before Hitler broke his treaty with them and attacked Russia on June 22,1941. The Russia then fought on the allies side until the end of world war 2.

Who was the commander of Russia in World War 2?

The dictator of Russia was Joseph Stalin.

How was the leader of Russia in world war 2?

Stalin led Russia in WW2.

Why Russia feared US before world war 2?

Russia fears usa in ww2

What other name is known World War 2 in Russia?

Russians refer to World War 2 as "The Great Patriotic War".

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