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What was the role of men and women of the mound builders?

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The role of men was to build a hunt for food for the family (if had one) or get food for him self role of the woman was to watch the children (if had kid's) or to make clothing and other stuff.

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Nice job. My brother was doing an assignment and needed "roles and responsibilities of Mound Builders". My grandpa made me look up "roles and responsibilities of Mound builders" and I coulden't find anything but this

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What kind of jobs did the mound builders have?

The men Mound Builders hunted and the women wached the kids and made cloths.

How are the mound builders anasazi inuit all alike?

One way that the Mound Builders, Anasazi, and Intuit were alike is that they all hunted for food to feed their families. In all three the men did the hunting, while the women prepared the food.

Whose religious ceremonies were held in kivas and only men were allowed to enter?

Mound builders

How were the mounds built by the mound builders?

Adena Indians built mounds using the women and girls of the tribe. They carried clay and earth in woven baskets to the site of the mound. The men only supervised. This from the book"Mounds in the Mist, by Harry Kroll and Mildred Payne

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