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What was the second battle of the civil war?


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The battle of Philippi.


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The Battle of Chickamauga was the second bloodiest Battle of the Civil War.

During the Civil War the battle of bull run was the second battle in the war.

The Second Battle of Newbury, which occurred during the English Civil War, was fought between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists. The result of the battle was indecisive.

No Gettysburg happened two years after the war started. It was the second Confederate invasion of the North.

The third major battle in the US Civil War was in Tennessee. This was the battle of Shiloh. The first major battle was at Bull Run. The second major battle was at Fort Donelson.

the seven days battle or the 1st and second battle of bull run.

The Civil War WAS the war, not an individual battle.

Fort Sumter, South Carolina was the first. The second battle was the Battle of Bull Run.

the first battle of the civil war was the Battle of Fort Sumter.

The battle of Chickmauga was the second bloodiest battle, with a total 34,624 casualties.

The Second Battle of Deep Bottom was a US Civil War battle that took place between August 14 to the 20th in 1864. There Union forces drove back a Union assault in Virginia.

The battle that was the most decisive of the Civil War was the battle of Antietam.

Yes, it was the last battle of the Civil War

The Battle of Bull Run was the first battle of the Civil War, and there was a second Battle of Bull Run that took place in 1862 or 1863, I forget because I studied it over a year ago.

Was WHAT a major battle of the Civil War?

the 3rd battle of the civil war was the battle of Shiloh April 6-7,1862

The Second Battle of Bull Run occurred in Virginia during the American Civil War. The outcome of the battle was a victory for the Confederacy.

Antitam was the first major battle in the Civil War.

The second battle of the American Civil War following the Battle of Fort Sumter was the Battle of Sewell's Point. The Battle of Sewell's Point took place on May 18th and 19th 1861 in Norfolk County, Virginia. It was an artillery duel between some federal gunboats and Confederate Batteries on Sewell's Point. Very little was accomplished. The Second Major Battle of the American Civil War was the Battle of First Manassas/Bull Run and was a Confederate Victory.

The battle the English Civil War is most remembered for is the Battle of Edgehill.

The Second Civil War was created in 1997.

The Battle of Chickamauga was the most important defeat of the Union forces in the Western Theater. It was the second deadliest battle of the Civil War.

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