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The battle of Philippi.

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Q: What was the second battle of the civil war?
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Second bloodiest battle of the civil war?

The Battle of Chickamauga was the second bloodiest Battle of the Civil War.

Second battle of Civil War?

Wison's Creek

What was the battle of bull run about?

During the Civil War the battle of bull run was the second battle in the war.

Who won the Second battle of Newbury in the English Civil War?

The Second Battle of Newbury, which occurred during the English Civil War, was fought between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists. The result of the battle was indecisive.

Was the Battle of Gettysburg the second battle of the civil war?

No Gettysburg happened two years after the war started. It was the second Confederate invasion of the North.

What was the third major battle of the US Civil War?

The third major battle in the US Civil War was in Tennessee. This was the battle of Shiloh. The first major battle was at Bull Run. The second major battle was at Fort Donelson.

What was the second great battle of the civil war first in Missouri?

Wilson's Creek.

What Historical events after civil war?

the seven days battle or the 1st and second battle of bull run.

Where was first battle of Civil War?

Fort Sumter, South Carolina was the first. The second battle was the Battle of Bull Run.

Why was the Civil War the most important battle in the war?

The Civil War WAS the war, not an individual battle.

First battle of Civil War?

the first battle of the civil war was the Battle of Fort Sumter.

How many soldiers died in the second battle of the civil war?

i dont know hahahahaha

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