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Q: What was the slang term for Americans in world war 1?
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What slang did the Americans used for German soldier in world war 2?

Among other things, they used the (offensive) term kraut, which derived from sauerkraut.

What was the meaning of the slang term Fritz during world war 1?

Slang term for a German ( fritz was/is a German name)

Where would you find a Yankee?

Almost any where in the world. Yankee is a slang term used for usa americans. During USA Civil war, the term was used for soldiers fighting on the side of Lincoln.

What is a World War 2 slang term for goof?

Snafu. "Situation normal - all fouled up.

Was great britain in world war 2 a allies or axis?

Allied powers in both wars. The term Central Powers was used in World War I for Germany, Austro-Hungary and Turkey. In part this alliance buttressed ( Huns) as a slang term for Germans, a Hungarians were allies!

What is the slang term for U.S. troops in world war 2?

American soldiers were called Yanks by the Allies and Ami or Amis by the Germans

What was the meaning of the slang term fritz during the great war?

It was a term used for German nationals.

What slang terms did US soldiers use for German soldiers in World War 2?

Jerry Jerry was the British term. US soldiers called them Krauts or Nazis.

Whant's an allies?

an allies is a friend the term was used a lot in world war 2 between the british and the Americans

What slang did the British use for the Americans in World War 2?

"Kraut" -- an old term probably from WW1. "Teds" was a term used by the British serving in Italy as "Tedeschi" is the Italian word for "German".

What were the long term causes of the Mexican American War?


What is yank?

World War 2 expression for United State military, to grab something and jerk it sharply