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Juan Ponce de Leon

What were Juan Ponce De Leons accomplishments?

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Juan Ponce de Leon, a Spanish explorer and conquistador, was the first person to create a settlement in Puerto Rico and he also helped lead the exploration of Florida. He is associated with the myth of the Fountain of Youth.

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ponce de leons crew was strong loyal and trust worthy

he was born in the sea.

Juan Ponce de Leon had a lot of accomplishments. But his major accomplishment is finding Florida.

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Ferdinand ll of Aragon paid for ponce de Leons voyage.

He wanted to find the Fountain of Youth.

i dont know that is why i am asking u

Ponce de Leon wanted to find the Fountain of Youth, become wealthy, and live forever.

Juan Ponce de Leon was born in Spain in 1474 and died in Cuba in 1521. His mother was Leonor de Guzman de Silva, and his father was Juan Ponce de Leon, Conde de Arcos.

he did not have any brothers or sisters so it is a no

Spain, he was a Spanish explorer exploring the Americas.

hispanic from san tervas de campos in the spanish kingdom of leon(spain)

You can find out about this information at the link below. but, it may be unidentified.

Ponce De Leon had sailed with Christopher Columbus on his second voyage and had later helped take over Puerto Rico.

He discovered Florida in the 1500s

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He founded Puerto Rico and Florida.

His landing in Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, and Florida

He was able to discover animals that had never been seen before in Europe.

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