What were New York's chief imports and exports?

You don't specify a time, so here goes: Colonial period: Beaver pelts. Also, New York's excellent natural port made it a conduit for manufactured goods from Europe, and raw goods from the American colonies. It also served as a center for the slave trade in that era (the slave trade from Africa was halted in 1808, though slavery continued in the US long after.) Later, after the opening of the Erie Canal, New York took in the raw goods of America, and manufactured goods in its own factories, particularly textiles and cast-iron goods. Cast-iron buildings were a particularly popular New York export (the most notable cast-iron building, the Capitol Building in Washington DC, was manufactured in the Bronx). New York imported a great deal of cotton from the south at that time and, when the Civil War broke out, lost so much business, the mayor of New York at that time considered joining with the confederacy. Manufacturing and textiles largely disappears form New York after World War II; Nowadays, New York mostly handles finance for the whole world; sets fashion designs (while no longer manufacturing the actual clothes); imports tourists; and still leads in publishing.