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To unite North and South Korean under a communist government.

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Q: What were North Korea's goal during the Korean war?
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What was the original goal of the UN during the Korean War?

To stop North Korean aggressors from becoming another Hitler and to help stop the spread of communism.

Is it true that the United Nations goal in the Korean War was to force North Korean troops back to their own territory?


What was the goal of the Geneva Conference?

there was two main reasons for having this conference. the first was to bring unity to the koreas(north and south) the second was to bring peace to indochina

How do you say 'goal' in Korean?

goal in Korean like in the world cup we say :gaul (like paul)

What political goal did Chung Ju-yung have?

unification with Communist North Korea. He thus made the initiation and expansion of economic relations between the two Koreas his short-term project

The original goal of the United Nations forces in Korea was to push the North Koreans back across the?

south Korean border.

What was the north's primary goal during the civil war?

Total War

Did Russia and North Korea won the Korean war?

Although the goal of uniting the Korean peninsula under communist rule was unsuccessful, North Korea and its Communist allies still consider the conflict a victory because North Korea's government survived and exists to this day.

What was MacArthurs goal in the Korean war?


What was the goal of the french in north America?

The answer is that french in north America can be a goal

What was the US goal in Korean and Vietnam?

Stop communist aggression.

What are the demand of north Vietnamese?

If by the North Vietnamese you mean during the Vietnam war their goal was to unite all of Vietnam under a communist regime. Which was successful.

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