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What were people's reactions on Pearl Harbor?

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People were very shocked because they didn't know it was coming. The shock soon turned to anger and the US had no choice but to declare war on Japan.

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How many people died on December 7 at Pearl Harbor?

nobody because, its not at pearl harbor its on pearl harbor because pearl harbor is a harbor!:)

Where was the Pearl Harbor bombed?

Pearl Harbor was bombed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii which is a harbor on the island of O'ahu.

Where did pearl harbor happen?

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Generally, this is why it is referred to as Pearl Harbor.

Were was the attack of Pearl Harbor at?

In Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Pearl Harbor is a harbor on the island of Oʻahu, Hawaii, west of Honolulu.

Was Pearl Harbor a harbor or town?

Pearl Harbor was (and is) a harbor, and it was (and is) the location of a U.S. Naval Station that is named U.S. Naval Station Pearl Harbor.

Where did the Pearl Harbor battle take place?

The battle of Pearl Harbor took place in Pearl Harbor.

How many people were at pearl harbor?

2408 live in Pearl Harbor 2408 live in Pearl Harbor

What state is Pearl Harbor in?

Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii.

Where did pearl harbor begin?

In Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Which island is Pearl Harbor on?

Pearl Harbor is on Oahu.

Where did Pearl harbor situate in?

Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii.

Was Pearl Harbor in japan?

Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii.

What did you learned about the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

what i learned about the bombing of pearl harbor is that Japanese attack pearl harbor because pearl harbor held the majority of the American naval.

What were the immediate reactions to the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

Sorrow at first but then Anger, and Revenge, which is why we drop the atomic bomb on haroshima!

What is Pearl Habor Day?

pearl harbor is when the Japanese bombed pearl harbor

What is pearl harbor about?

pearl harbor is about the Japanese attack on the u.s navy base pearl harbor in Hawaii in 1941

Why do people celebrate the bombing of pearl harbor?

People don't "Celebrate" Pearl Harbor, they remember Pearl Harbor.

Did pearl harbor attack the us yes or no?

no pearl harbor was part of America and pearl harbor was bombed by japan

Where were the locations for pearl harbor?

Pearl Harbor is located in Hawaii

Where did Pearl Harbor take place?

Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii.

How big was Pearl Harbor?


What did Japan do to pearl harbor?

japan bombed pearl harbor

Where is the pearl harbor address?

Pearl Harbor, HI 96860.

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